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Found 7 results

  1. Dear Expert, I'm looking for help for two decks (JE640 & JE780) facing the same issue : I've opened them and dismanteled the loading mechanism to change the loading belt (drive wasn't ejecting disk but was working fine before repair work). I've not touched anything else and both decks do not wake up. The light "standby" is red but the button power on doesn't do anything. I've already completed successfull belt replacement on other decks (JE770) and do not understand why those one are still asleep. Anyone has an idea ? Regards, Rudy
  2. (Update: The portable unit was not seated properly in the deck. Incessant poking and pushing resulted in the seating of the rear corner of the MZ-R5ST into the MZS-R5ST deck and, voila, the power came on! I ended up just cleaning the old system batteries and putting them back in for the time being.) [Original Issue:] I took my old faithful MZS-R5ST out of storage, plugged it in, ejected and reconnected the MZ-R5ST player unit, and the whole deck went dark. My heart sank and it hasn't come back. The unit was not misused or abused. On the contrary! However, it was stored for some time. It did light up when opened, and it did eject the player. Then...darkness. Pressing the power button, opening and closing the display lid, nothing. [...] [Remaining Issue:] The two internal rechargeable batteries are corroded. They are Ni-Cd, 'AA', and according to the schematic in the service manual, page 61, 3v. Does anyone know where to find these, or acceptable equivalents? I 'chatted' with Sony service today and was told these batteries are 3.7v. each. Nicd's are hard to find anymore. Will rechargeable batteries of 3.7v. and, perhaps, Li-Ion chemistry work as well? Thanks!
  3. I thought this would be a really cool thread. I want everyone to post photos or explanations of any DIY mods you have done to your equipment. This includes any changes that you made to render a device different from factory stock. Example adding things to the circuits, modifying the body, battery mods...etc...
  4. Hello everyone. I am new to this forum, and I've come here in need of help. I've just purchased an MZ-E900 on ebay (listed as functional), however upon receiving it I cannot get it to play discs. Basically I pop in a standard Sony disc (both SP and LP2) and the unit spins up for a couple seconds and then spins down... I press play, and the little operation light comes on and the unit spins up for about a second and then nothing (it spins down). I've got both the fully charged gumstick in there along with the external dry cell, so I'm pretty sure power isn't the issue. I've heard people mention a common "seek problem", and I was wondering if this might be that and if that is possible to fix... Does anyone have any insight on this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. My elderly father has an elderly Sony DHC-ZX50MD which he has been in love with - but is devastated that it keeps erasing some of his minidiscs. Can anyone recommend a repairer around Middlesex/Surrey/London where he can take it to be looked at? Or at this stage do you think there's no point as it's too old and I should try and get him another second hand but younger system. He's too stuck in his ways to learn how to use a new system really - and at his age. It's too big obviously to post many thanks in anticipation of a reply.
  6. Is Sony Extended Service Plan international? I wonder if I purchase a Sony Extended Service Plan within the United States, will the item be covered in other countries? Like if the item is broken overseas, could I mail it back to US sony customer service or I couldn't? Thank you.
  7. Hi, I much admired the minidisc format when it first came out, we used it in our radio station, I put some of my on-air work on MD for archiving. Fast forward 15+ years... I've acquired a Denon DN-1100R in non-working condition and hoping to get it running so I can copy my archived stuff to another format. Does anyone know where to find out what the Denon SYSTEM ERROR codes mean? These are the codes that show as "Error xx" - in my case I get Error 51 and Error 95 at different times. Otherwise the unit is pretty much unresponsive. I have a service manual, it helpfully (not!) shows all the editing and similar error codes but nothing about the system errors. And the owner's manual, what a laugh! System error codes might mean "there is a problem in the unit, and the unit will not function"! So, not in the operation manual, not in the service manual, why do they keep these error codes secret? Any advice gratefully received…! I do have some experience repairing audio equipment, and have tried running diagnostics in the test mode (detailed in the service manual) but get stuck each time at the system error. Regards, Stuart