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Deck Came In

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Well, my MD Deck came in today while I was at work. Everything seems to be working perfectly, already tried the high speed recording, worked flawlessly. It transferred the CD Text as well. I took a few pictures of the deck itself and some of the hardware I have it hooked up to.

Receiver is a Pioneer VSX-818V, Cd player is just an Insignia 5CD Changer, turntable is an old Optimus Turntable. It's not hooked up yet as I still need to get a preamp. Speakers are 5.1 Surround Sound by Pure Acoustics. Cheap speakers, but they sound really good. I got them for a decent price because they were on clearance.

So, heres the pictures.





If anyone else here has this deck, I'm just wondering if you can eject either the CD or MD from the remote? This one doesn't seem to.

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I have 4 Sony remotes of this general nature

RM-D15M - MD only, eject button

RM-DC355 - CD only, no eject button

RM-D47M - MD only, Eject button

RM-D54M -CD/MD (closest to what you have probably), no eject button

It seems Sony has some philosophical or practical objection to ejecting CD's from a remote.

Hope this helps...

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Ah ok, that makes sense. I did realize the remote I got with the deck isn't the original one to the deck. The one I got is an RM-D29M, but the manual says it should be an RM-D37M.

I don't have full control of the deck from the remote, but the faceplate is good enough for me.

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