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Blank MD ($1) and Hi-MD ($5) for sale!

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I have many, many MDs and Hi-MDs that I have finally uploaded. I'd like to give the folks here first dibs on them before they go to eBay.

I'll sell them in batches of 5 and 10. If you want more in one bunch, send me a PM and we can easily work something out.

5 x 80-min. MD: $15 + $6 postage (US only)

10 x 80-min MD: $10 + $6 postage (US only)

5 x 74-min. MD $4 + $6 postage (US only)

10 x 74-min MD $7.50 + $6 postage

I would prefer US buyers--it's a lot easier at the post office. International buyers, we'll have to do some individual math on the postage.

They are just about all used once and working (I just uploaded from them). A handful may have been erased and re-recorded two or three times, no more than that. (That's why I have so many--they were archived, not reused.)

The MDs are good brands that have never given me trouble: Sony, Fuji, Denon, TDK (no Hi-Space or Memorex). I don't think I have any super-collectible ones--yellow with confetti pattern TDK Bitclub, if you want--but if you are looking for something in particular, let me know.

I'm gmin7flat5 on Ebay if you want to check my 100% feedback there. Payment by Paypal.

PM me if you have questions or you want some discs.

And by the way, if you are interested in an RM-MC40ELK remote (with levels! backlit!), an MZ-NH700, or, eventually, my MZ-RH1, working fine, let me know.

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Well, use them in SP! That should fill them up in no time and you can get mine. :)

That shouldn't be a problem - I've never liked LP2 (let's not even talk about LP4!) for home use. I'll have a better idea about buying your discs next week, when the deck arrives. How well I like the sound quality will determine how much it will get used. If my past recollections are correct, it may indeed become the main source in my rig.

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