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  1. Excellent advice and source. What a difference in options! I looked it up on eBay.ca and there are a couple there. Many thanks for your time!
  2. All it seems to have is a dedicated 'MD/Tape' input: No sign of anything digital. Does the analogue cable not provide a 'clean' audio signal from the MD deck? (forgive the ignorance; I'm very new at 'hi-fi' and systems).
  3. Hey all, I'm looking at pairing a receiver with my newly-bought JE480 deck. I'm not looking for anything fancy, and I was wondering if anybody had any experience with this: SONY STR-DH130 2-CHANNEL STEREO RECEIVER I can get it cheap enough ($160 cdn), and reviews seem OK. Any serious objections? Should I look at something else? Better bargains for something comparable and not much more expensive? Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  4. Fast informative feedback - I love this place! Thanks for the replies, guys! Love the idea of teaching a remote. I may go with that.
  5. Hello! I have a few questions about Sony decks and their remotes. Specifically, what remote does the MDS-JE780 take? With Sony portables, there's quite a bit of flexibility to use different remotes; does the same apply to decks, or is each remote specific to each deck? Thanks!
  6. Is the unit all metal/all plastic/half and half?
  7. Thanks for that. Good to see a close-up of the Panasonic battery, but I guess I'm still no closer to an answer. Same battery, different clothes? The voltage is the same (good) and the capacity is slightly different (380 to 370 - irrelevant)...
  8. Does anybody have any information about the battery used with the SJ-MJ99? It seems to have similar properties to the Sony LIP-4MW used with the RH1/EH1 etc. Are the two batteries compatible/swappable? Many thanks!
  9. So, at SP you got about 74% of the estimated battery life of 29 hours (going by minidisc.org page on the E10)? So are we looking then at about 20-21 hours? If so, that's great!
  10. I look forward to seeing how this works out for you. After my EH1s (Sony never put more love and care into a product, IMHO), the E10 is my fave unit. I bought one several months ago for about 80 pounds; it has dings but I can still get over 15 hours on a charge. Battery life is key for this sale (for me, at least). I don't think Sony Style in Toronto would know what to do with a fully discharged E10 battery...
  11. I also just finished a large deal with sescoscuba. He shipped a box of blanks to me in Doha; everything arrived in good order, well-packaged, and in good time. Excellent communicator, always in touch and quick to respond to emails, sescoscuba's an A-list vendor. I look forward to working with him again.
  12. Second shout out to Transistor; second and 3rd batches of MD arrived in good shape here in Doha. Excellent seller. I think he still has some stuff (Lucirs) left...
  13. I raid Grooveshark regularly. Great vault of stuff.
  14. Have every confidence in this seller. Transistor packaged up 14 Hi-MDs and got them to me here in Qatar safely and quickly, no muss no fuss. Great communication, great transaction.
  15. Out of curiosity, I googled the machine to see what it was about, and I hit the news of original purchase, the seller's pictorial. Yeah, some kind of clearance at Yodobashi, but you can check it out over here: I'm sure Onkyo had it initially at a much higher selling point. Looks like good kit.
  16. Still a considerable markup from the original $183 score at Yodobashi, hey? Good to see MD equipment more than hold its ground! Bon chance!
  17. I placed an order for batteries back in August and nothing happened for months. Same problems as described above - no replies to emails, no one answering the phone. Finally got through on the phone to a Darrin in November. He looked into my order and said he'd get on it. I waited some more and...nothing. I get another email at the end of November: "I would like to apologize for the trouble with the order that you made with us. We have been going through some changes over the past few months and hope to have everything back to normal shortly. Orders will be processed in the meantime though. Unfortunately a few orders have fallen through the cracks with this transition, one of which was yours. The company has been bought back by the original owners and we would like to say sorry for all the inconvenience that this may have caused. The customer service that we were known for will be made up to you and will be restored with this transition." As of today, my order still hasn't been processed. They have been absolutely brilliant in the past, but I haven't a clue what's going on now. Anybody have a good alternative for MD gumsticks (both types)?
  18. Ditto to all above points. The most excellent white E630 arrived in immaculate condition and was extremely well-packaged. Couldn't be happier. Great seller.
  19. Time frame? Imminent? I'm looking forward to see what you've got. Sure, I'll take a step back for TBR, but he won't want another silver E730 anyway...
  20. Yes, do expand, speedingredline. To what stock do you have access? I'd also be intrigued by a silver E720...
  21. A shame we don't have easy access to Yahoo! auctions Japan. They've got a few on the boards right now; plenty to go around.
  22. EH1 arrived today, great packaging, everything good. Communication was excellent, timely, and effective. A consumate pro. Kinda sad that you're having to jettison all your gear, but your machine now has a new home where it will be well-looked after. Thanks!
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