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  1. Excellent advice and source. What a difference in options! I looked it up on eBay.ca and there are a couple there. Many thanks for your time!
  2. All it seems to have is a dedicated 'MD/Tape' input: No sign of anything digital. Does the analogue cable not provide a 'clean' audio signal from the MD deck? (forgive the ignorance; I'm very new at 'hi-fi' and systems).
  3. Hey all, I'm looking at pairing a receiver with my newly-bought JE480 deck. I'm not looking for anything fancy, and I was wondering if anybody had any experience with this: SONY STR-DH130 2-CHANNEL STEREO RECEIVER I can get it cheap enough ($160 cdn), and reviews seem OK. Any serious objections? Should I look at something else? Better bargains for something comparable and not much more expensive? Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  4. Fast informative feedback - I love this place! Thanks for the replies, guys! Love the idea of teaching a remote. I may go with that.
  5. Hello! I have a few questions about Sony decks and their remotes. Specifically, what remote does the MDS-JE780 take? With Sony portables, there's quite a bit of flexibility to use different remotes; does the same apply to decks, or is each remote specific to each deck? Thanks!
  6. Is the unit all metal/all plastic/half and half?
  7. Thanks for that. Good to see a close-up of the Panasonic battery, but I guess I'm still no closer to an answer. Same battery, different clothes? The voltage is the same (good) and the capacity is slightly different (380 to 370 - irrelevant)...
  8. Does anybody have any information about the battery used with the SJ-MJ99? It seems to have similar properties to the Sony LIP-4MW used with the RH1/EH1 etc. Are the two batteries compatible/swappable? Many thanks!
  9. So, at SP you got about 74% of the estimated battery life of 29 hours (going by minidisc.org page on the E10)? So are we looking then at about 20-21 hours? If so, that's great!
  10. I look forward to seeing how this works out for you. After my EH1s (Sony never put more love and care into a product, IMHO), the E10 is my fave unit. I bought one several months ago for about 80 pounds; it has dings but I can still get over 15 hours on a charge. Battery life is key for this sale (for me, at least). I don't think Sony Style in Toronto would know what to do with a fully discharged E10 battery...
  11. I also just finished a large deal with sescoscuba. He shipped a box of blanks to me in Doha; everything arrived in good order, well-packaged, and in good time. Excellent communicator, always in touch and quick to respond to emails, sescoscuba's an A-list vendor. I look forward to working with him again.
  12. Second shout out to Transistor; second and 3rd batches of MD arrived in good shape here in Doha. Excellent seller. I think he still has some stuff (Lucirs) left...
  13. I raid Grooveshark regularly. Great vault of stuff.
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