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Sonic Stage 4.3 for Mac???

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Think I know the answer to this, but I don't suppose this is a version of this for macs?

What do mac heads use if not?

You are correct, there is no version of Sonic Stage for Macs

I'm putting this in a new topic as it will then be found more easily by searching.


1. Recent Macs have the ability to host Windows, and partial success has been reported (there are many possibilities, so we cannot give you a definitive answer) with running SS under a hosted Windows. The catch is always how the USB support behaves when you change modes on a HiMD (which is capable of both HiMD and "legacy MD" support but switches personality and therefore drivers when you pop in the other kind of disk) - this does not always happen smoothly.

2. There exists software using the MTP protocol that runs exclusively on Mac, but:

a. I don't know much about it (others here probably do)

b. It's limited to certain models, typically they are supposed to have M in their name such as MZ-M100, MZ-M10, MZ-M100. I am not sure how much of this is pure marketing and you just need the right software, or whether these are genuine hardware restrictions. The encryption changed at some point, relaxing it perhaps for the Mac implementation so that may be the difference.

3. The Linux-Minidisc project is cross-platform and should support varieties of Mac, but the last time I checked there was little or no support for creating MD's - ie upload (Mac->PC) only.

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