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MZ-N510 - Battery type selector in Option menu

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Hi! Recently I got tiny minidisc recorder MZ-N510. I successfully hacked it, to add some new options to menu e.t.c. After some time I revert it to default settings. But now I really think that before hacking, there was an option in menu "OPTION", that gives possibility to select battery type between Alkaline and Ni-mh. Is it true? I can't remember... Or it's only my fantasy? Does anybody here has UN-hacked MZ-N***  to see if your player has such option in menu. If it's true, please, can someone tell me, what the values of registers 61 and 62 in Service menu I need to save.

I saw user's manuals but I can't find such option there. But I think that I really saw it in my player! The firmware of my MZ-N510 is  00 8 V1.300

Thank you.

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Hi selmasongs, MZ-N510 my very first MD... stoled. If you connect the external AA battery box, it work just fine. Both with alkalines and rechargeable batteries like Energizer. Never notice a difference. I hope somebody who still have one will answer you soon about this option.

I love rutracker.org . I just need the Google translator !

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I don't have an MZ-N510 but have checked my MZ-N710 and MZ-N910 and cannot find the option you describe. They both have a "PowerMode" sub-menu within the main "Option" menu but this just gives you the choice of "normal" or "quick" on the MZ-N710 and "normal", "quick" or "PowerSave" on the MZ-N910.

Hopefully someone here has an MZ-N510 and will be able to confirm.

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