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Happy Hopping

has anyone connects a NH1 to a DAC with USB input?

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I have an Emotiva XDA1 that has a USB Type b female.

Has anyone connects a NH1 to it?  I thought we can use the black cable that c/w the NH1, connects to this:


and from the above, connects to this:


and from the above, connects to the back side of the USB port of my DAC.


can this be done?  If so, can you play your HiMD and you think the DAC can see the signal, process it, and send it to the speaker?


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Nope. If there are pins on that very complicated connector on the bottom of the NH1, there's no connector I know of that allows you to read a digital signal. Interesting thought though. Sonic Stage gets the information from a HiMD disk as ATRAC data, and decodes it in the PC. The only exception to this rule is the MZ-RH1 which manages to upload the S/P DIF data directly, thereby allowing upload of legacy MD's. Until the RH1, the combined USB and MD processor chips weren't fast enough. You can only get a good stream from the earlier units because the PC buffers it, pulling the data. That's what happens with the "Slow upload" problem with the RH1 (polling other installed drivers wastes time), kind of like the "floppy disk format interleave problem" which was so annoying back in the early days, one sector per revolution because the electronics couldn't keep up.

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