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CPF-IX001: Webradio without PC? and more questions ...

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today I saw the Sony CPF-IX001 on my local dealer. Nice little system but I have a few questions:

- Can I use Internetradio WITHOUT the PC after configuring it correctly? The manual is not very helpful

- Why can I remove the main unit from the speakers, is it operational when removed? If not: Where's the sense?

Hopefully anybody knows something about it as the websearch and the manual didn't answer the questions ....

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To answer your questions: 1. the unit needs the PC to stream the webradio unfortunately. 2. I am still not sure if it is operational when you remove it (no clue why as of yet). I am planning to get it and see how it compares to my NAS-CZ1. One good point is it can play DRM music, that is one plus and supposedly it pumps out good sound.

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