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  1. Thanks for reporting it. I cleaned it up.
  2. vaiofreak

    I HAVE to say this!

    We heard you guys!!! Do not worry, we'll try to get it going and keep it updated....sorry some of us went missing in action...Thanks for keeping the forum going! L8er!
  3. You can get it here; hope an update will follow up for the US & Europe.
  4. Hey guys, Just heads up. Looks like Sony Japan released a patch for SonicStage CP namely SonicStage Security Update Program You can get it here or wait till it is released in your region. L8er!
  5. Hey guys good news! I got a shipping confirmation! My 2 units are on the way, what a steal! Anyone else was able to snatch one for $24?
  6. OK, looks like SonyStyle has discovered the low price was too low to sell the MD Deck and they bumped it now to the original $149. I will see if they still honor and process my order for $24.
  7. Hey guys, Thought I would share the deal I came across on Sonystyle.com; looks like they are getting rid of MDS-JE480 MD Player/Recorders and selling them for only $24.95!!! If any of you are still into MD recording and playing, you will never see this deal again! Check it out, Free Shipping too! Link: http://tinyurl.com/33vgh3 Have fun! Stan
  8. I have upgraded mine to the latest firmware available from Sony and also updated the M-Crew software (Sony USA was nice enough to send a free CD if you don't wanna download 256 MB). I tried attaching a new updated manual here but the file seems too big. I also recently picked up VAIO WA1 Audio Streamer and am very happy with it especially after upgrading its firmware to the latest one as well that added a bunch of new features. I guess what I enjoy the most is the Web Radio without the need of the computer to be on (unlike IX001).
  9. I got one too and it is currently being used as my bed-side clock. I have not used it for Photo storage yet, but plan to marry it with one of my CyberShot cameras. It is a nice player just needs to be slimmer and lighter for nowadays market.
  10. To answer your questions: 1. the unit needs the PC to stream the webradio unfortunately. 2. I am still not sure if it is operational when you remove it (no clue why as of yet). I am planning to get it and see how it compares to my NAS-CZ1. One good point is it can play DRM music, that is one plus and supposedly it pumps out good sound.
  11. Hey guys, I ended up with an extra PS3 (wife bought for Xmas not realizing I picked one up as well) Feel free to email me with your offers. I am willing to ship Worldwide. PayPal verified and great Ebay feedback. I also have a Sony 5 Disc SACD Player that I would like to sell as well. Thanks! Stan _______________________________________________________________________________________ forgot to mention SOLD!!!
  12. Check out Sonystyle.com They are selling it. Link here Happy Thanksgiving! Stan
  13. I just read in the news that LocationFree Software will be available for Mac users as well. Read below: "Sony Corp. said Tuesday that it licensed its Location-Free technology to Kaga Electronics, which will port the technology to the Mac OS X platform. "Location Free" allows content on supported platforms to be routed wirelessly, through Son'y LF-PK1 basestation, to other PCs, an LCD monitor or even its Sony PSP handheld. Sony didn't say what Kaga would charge for the software, or when it would be released. Customers will be able to enjoy "LocationFree" with Windows Mobile and cellular phones as well as Mac OS X® product, Sony added. "As telecommunications infrastructure advances, Sony will increase licensing of 'LocationFree' software in order to expand the number of compatible products," the company said in a statement. "This will create a life style where TV and video content can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere."
  14. Thanks for updating. I totally forgot to test it out. Sorry about that. Glad it all worked out for ya!
  15. Here is a great deal for one of these if anyone is interested: $69 at UBID Compared to the original price tag of $200, 70 bucks is not bad at all. Still loving it.
  16. Yes, I believe so. LF-PK1 can be enabled to be an Access Point. So while you stream live TV to your PSP you can also use it to connect to surf the net. I can double check that if you want to. Stan
  17. I guess you can always use Headphones jack instead of Line Out.
  18. There sure are lots of devices that may do the same function as this one. I have a VAIO Roomlink that is connected to Sony Receiver via optical and S-video connections and can play any sort of music. It does not though support Web Radio. I think the Roku Squeeze box (not sure if it is the right brand name) also does the same work. I guess this Sony system was an effort to bring a networking functionality to their boombox type CD players. I believe NAS series were released in Japan a while ago, and it made finally to Europe first and made a late appearance in the US. The latest Japanese Net Juke (as they call it there) is NAS-M7HD that has a 40 Gig HD, MD, CD, MS Slot and USB to connect your Sony A, NW and Bean Players. Very nice system As for ATRAC CD support, the manual does not say anything about it, I guess not many users burn those type of CDs and most of people have never heard of such a CD. For those interested in it more, check out the User Manual . It is available for sale at SonyStyle.com for $199 (price reduced).
  19. Sony has introduced Network Audio System in summer of 2005. And again thanks to Sony's skillful marketing (sarcastically speaking), I learnt about it just a few days ago in February of 2006 by browsing MySony site. There was a press release in Europe and that's about it. I do not think Sony USA has ever done anything about promoting it here. You might ask what is so great about this system? Well, when you first look at it, the design looks kind of futuristic. It has a network function allowing you to stream your music from any PC in the house and what's more, it is even compatible with iTunes. This can be done by using your wired LAN or if you attach a wireless converter (that is my setup at home), you can enjoy your streaming wirelessly. Another plus, it also has a WEB RADIO function, allowing a user to stream any internet radio station. As you will see in the pictures, the unit has omni-directional speaker system which creates a wide acoustic field. Here are some short descrtiption of the system: Sony’s NAS-CZ1 Network Shelf System allows you to stream music from your PC to any room wired w/ Ethernet within your home network. Fitting nicely on a shelf or table top, the NAS-CZ1 is versatile when it comes to enjoying your music in various locations of your house. The NAS-CZ1 also includes a single CD compartment for playing your favorite CDs and is MP3 (CD-R/RW) Playback compatible. Rated at 40 Watts (in operation) and including 4 tweeters and 2 subwoofers, the NAS-CZ1 provides you with powerful, clear sound ideal for any single room. NAS-CZ1 supports non-secure music files in the MP3, WAV, S/B, ATRAC®, ATRAC3Plus®, WMA, and ACC formats. Compatible with playback of these non-secure music files with following jukebox applications: iTunes, Sonicstage, Windows® Media Player, and Musicmatch™. Features: * Stream Music from your PC to any room wired w/ Ethernet within your home network * Create up to 5 custom user profiles * Create 4 types of Play lists automatically * Single Disc CD & MP3 (CD-R/RW) Playback1 * Hi-Fi Audio Driven by 360 degree Omni-Direction * Store and play your favorite Songs with included Remote Control * Supports non-secure music files in the MP3, WAV, S/B, ATRAC®, ATRAC3®, WMA, and ACC formats. Compatible with playback of these non-secure music files with following jukebox applications: iTunes, Sonicstage, Windows® Media Player, and Musicmatch & trade. Specifications Audio * Frequency Range: FM: 87.5-108 MHz * AM: 530-1710 kHz Inputs and Outputs * Analog Audio Input(s): x1 (Rear Mini Plug) * Ethernet Port: x1 (Rear) * Headphone jack: x1 (Side Mini Plug) * Antenna Terminal(s): x1 (Rear FM) * Antenna Terminal(s): x1 (Rear AM) Power * Power Consumption (in Operation): 40 Watts * Power Requirements: 120 Volts AC, 60 Hz Speaker * Driver Unit: x6 (4 Tweeters and 2 Woofers with 2 of the Tweeters aimed to the rear) The supplied M-Crew software that can be installed on several PCs allows to register your music with the system. When you start the Network function on the player it will search for available servers and let you choose which one you want to use. If you are like me that has several VAIO systems in the house, it can also use VAIO Media servers. You can also choose to have it automatically connect to one specific M-Crew server. User Profile (up to 5) allows different users select their preferred server and therefore music stored. Organize your Playlists, Albums, Favorites, etc. Nice Info Panel shows all kinds of info from network state and configuration to Music titles: Top: Connections in the Back: Neat Remote: Documentation and Software Sony also threw in a long thin network cable and Loop Antenna Screen Shots of the Software: Supports AtracPlus up to 256 kbps as you see in the above screen shot. WEB RADIO set up screen: So as you see it is an interesting model. You can always stream/play your music from your desktop but you cannot always place it in your living room (unless it is a pretty VAIO PC ) as it messes up with your decor or your Mom's decorating style.
  20. I believe Sony released this toy back in 2004. It was created by the division in Sony that has no relation to Music or VAIO dept. If it had any ties with Sony Music, back then it would not support MP3s and Atrac is not supported on this device by the way.
  21. Sorry for the delay in my reply. I think I paid about $350 for it. I bought it from Dynamism and they were getting rid of the stock. I believe originally it was sold for $499. I have been enjoying it so far...
  22. Ye, Ishi is right. The first generation Roomlink though works with the latest VAIO Media, but when it lists songs, it does not really organize and it takes forever sometimes to figure out which one is which or scroll. However, the newest Roomlink (VGP-MR100U) solves the problem and is actually faster when you go through menus. However the looks of the first Roomlink is simply stunning, the second gen is not that pretty but does add wireless built-in. I use both anyways.
  23. I just thought I would add to this section my trusty Sony Hard Disk player that I recently bought. It is actually the very first Sony's HD player that natively supports MP3! All in all, this gadget plays MP3 and WAV files, also plays Video and shows Photo. I primarily purchased it for video playback of my ripped movies or PSP type short videos, since I already own a VAIO Pocket MP3 player. Some specs: - 20GB Hard Disk - 3.5" Color LCD @ 320x240 resolution - MPEG-4, MPEG-2, MPEG-1, MP3, WAV, JPEG (Stills) - 129.6 x 75.6 x 22 mm (L x W x D) or (5.1 x 3 x 0.86 inches) - 250g (8.8 oz) This player has been released only in Japan, however it supports English menus as well. The application to transfer files to it called HMP Image Transfer Manager also installs in English. HMP Image Transfer Manager: It is a pretty easy to use application and reminds me slightly of Image Converter Plus. When you transfer videos you have options to choose as far as video format, etc. Since it has USB 2.0 interface, the transfer time is quick, but of course if you are moving several gig video, it will take an hour or so. Thankfully there is an option which if checked forces your computer to shut down after a successful file transfer. So you can leave it overnight and have a peace of mind knowing your computer is not sitting there and just running. I really like the GUI of the player itself. You can change the color of the interface to Red, Blue, Orange or White. The player itself has touch sensitive controls. The buttons are arranged in a symmetrical pattern so that if you do want to flip the display 180°, you'll be able to navigate easily in either hand. There are physical buttons on the top edge of the player that are assigned to the Tools popup menu, Volume adjustment and Power. The Power button is actually a spring loaded switch. To turn the unit on or off, you have to slide and hold the Power button to the right for a few seconds. Next to the Power button is the status LED. This LED glows amber while charging, off when fully charged and green when powered on. The large groove shaped button is the scroll 'wheel'. As you swipe your thumb up and down, it will scroll in that direction. Resting your thumb at either end of the groove will cause the scrolling to continue automatically in that direction, and the scrolling seems to proceed at a snappy pace. Along the left side of the player is the earphone / remote control jack, A/V jack, USB connector and DC in jack. The A/V jack, USB connector and DC in jack are protected by a rubber door that snaps in place. Sound quality through headphones or earbud is very good. Unfortunately, there isn't an internal speaker built into the unit. If you ever want to show a movie clip to a friend or a group of people, you'll need to let them borrow your headphones or hook the HMP-A1 to a TV with the included RCA cable. If you do hook up the player to a TV, you'll be able to play video, view pictures and play MP3s. The display on the HMP-A1 is very very nice. It's bright, crisp, has vivid colors and a wide viewing angle. I also love that the display is protected with a thick layer of what looks like Lucite. This allows for very easy cleaning which is a good thing because the screen is a big fingerprint / smudge magnet. Here are some more shots of the GUI: Nice featureof it is if you turn off the player while it is in the process of playing a song, it will remember where you were and will automatically continue playing that song at the spot you stopped when you power it up again. It actually does this for video and picture viewing too. Video playback is very smooth and clear. It's like watching your TV. But, all you can do is play, pause, stop, skip ahead / back 15 seconds and increase playback speed by x2, x10, x30, and x120. The battery can be charged through the included AC adapter or through the USB connection. Using the AC adapter, it only takes about 2.5hrs to fully recharge a depleted battery, while charging through USB will take about 7hrs. Battery life for video is about 6-7 hours, music and photo 8-9 hrs. I think it is pretty neat player, well built. Sony has not released a second generation of it, but I am pretty sure something really cool is on the way. Here are some more pictures and comparisons with VAIO Pocket and VAIO U750P:
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