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NetMD Driver 64-bit Win7 or Vista Version 1.4

About This File

These are the drivers you will need to get NetMD devices to work with 64-bit Windows 7 and Vista. For Hi-MD devices in Hi-MD mode, no driver is needed, however for NetMD mode you will still need this.

Compatible models:


  • NW-E7/E10
  • MZ-N1
  • LAM-1
  • MDS-JB980
  • MZ-N505
  • MZ-S1
  • MZ-N707
  • MZ-N10
  • MZ-N910
  • MZ-NF810/N710
  • MZ-NF610/N510
  • MZ-NE410
  • MZ-NE910/NE810
  • LAM-10
  • AM-NX1
  • MDS-S500
  • AM-NX9
  • Sharp IM-MT880/899
  • Sharp IM-DR400/410
  • Sharp IM-DR420/DR80/DR580
  • Kenwood DMC-S9NET
  • Panasonic SJ-MR250


  • MZ-NH1
  • MZ-NH3D
  • MZ-NH900
  • MZ-NHF800/NH700
  • MZ-NH600/NH600D
  • MZ-N920
  • MZ-DH10P
  • MZ-RH10/M100
  • MZ-RH910/M10
  • MZ-RH1/M200


  • CMT-M333NT/373NT
  • CMT-SE9

(Note: PCLK functionality will NOT work with this driver set, so no M-Crew is possible unless you use the XP virtual machine in W7 Pro or Ultimate)

Here's a video one user posted in the forums. Thanks muchly, "proudofmylife"

A word to the wise: if you want to see what is actually depicted (text), recommend watching on youtube rather than in this window here. That's an option if you right-click the screen shot here. That will allow you to view in full screen, thereby seeing the details quite clearly.

Stupid software, now there are TWO FILES, but you only want the SECOND ONE. The first is the previous version, and you need the one with August 2020 date.

What's New in Version Version 1.4   See changelog


  • 1st October 2013 - Updated to add Sharp (fixed Aiwa NX-9) models.
  • 3rd Nov 2014 - Tweaks to enable M333/373NT, C7, L7HD
  • 17th Nov 2017 - Panasonic SJ-MR250 (Thanks to Fabian)
  • 18th Nov 2019 - removed bad line for PCLK (thanks to Kris01)

Added NW-E7 and NW-E10

Corrected M333/373, removed C7 and L7HD, we don't know the PIDs
Added CMT-SE9

(note the latest PCLK.zip contains entries for three different USB connections, including the above)



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On ‎11‎/‎22‎/‎2015 at 8:02 PM, ersat1 said:

Anyone with a MZ-N420D ?   Trying this on windows 10 but no driver found. Running SonicStage perfectly on windows 10.

Yes....I have one of those and it works fine for me. But there is a trick to getting it to work on Windows 8 or later. Refer to my post with the instructions to install the NetMD drivers for windows 8.  Its relatively easy and step by step anyone can follow it and get their NetMD working with Win8 or WIn10. The trick is to disable driver signature enforcement on Windows 10 and to manually install the driver for the NetMD device which will be listed as an error in device manager.

Follow this link http://forums.sonyinsider.com/topic/27868-netmd-for-windows-8/#comment-182705 to my tutorial of how to do this. The tutorial is for Windows 8....but the steps are identical to Windows 10. Follow my step-by-step guide checklist on the driver signature disabling, next watch the video on how to install the diver through device manager (Windows 7 video but exactly the same steps on Windows 8 and Windows 10). Only difference is the first step which is for disabling the driver enforcement. Its pretty well and easily typed out so you shouldn't have any problems with it....

Really hope this helps!!! :-)


Let me know if you cant figure it out. I wouldn't mind jumping on your machine remotely with TeamViewer or something and do it for you if need be.

Let me know.




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Bonjour à toutes et tous, j'ai plutot facilement reussi à re-installer mon MD MZ-N710 et son driver, c'est génial....bravo sfbp, et peut d'autres.

Par contre, j'avais complement oublié que l'on ne pouvait pas transferer ses enregistrements sur PC avec l'USB.

Existe t'il une solution pour eviter de perdre de la qualité en passant en analogique?



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You need an MZ-RH1, or an MDLP deck with optical output (no USB is going to work) to your PC (that does not enforce Serial Copy restrictions). MZ-RH1s are expensive, sadly.

If the disk was MADE by NetMD transfer (as opposed to recorded from a microphone, line in, or optical) then only the deck->optical will work. Even the RH1 will not save you. I would never recommend using analog out if you care about the sound quality - 3.5mm jacks are hopeless in every way, especially if not gold-plated.

I bet your English is better than my French. I understand yours, but I may end up mis-representing the details because I don't use it routinely. Quand je travaillais en France, on dit "Etienne est comme grand-mère - il dit rien mais il comprend tout".

And next time, let's have this in the discussion section please :)

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Happy to do so but you need to tell us the PID/VID numbers. VID should be 054C (Sony), PID will be .....? (maybe close to  0119)

Suggest you go to Nirsoft and download USBDeview. This will help you find the right IDs.

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