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NetMD driver (NETMD052) for all 32-bit Windows, Version 1.5

About This File

This driver will install in place of ALL known 32-bit NetMD drivers (eg NETMDUSB.SYS, NETMD031.SYS, NETMD033.SYS). It is to be used on all versions of Windows, including 7 and 8.

It WILL NOT work on Windows64 (the usual version for Windows 7 and 8)in any version of Windows. For that you need the (pinned) upload called "NetMD Driver 64-bit Win7 or Vista" elsewhere in this downloads section.

To get the benefit of fast NetMD upload on the MZ-RH1 (and MZ-M200) you must follow the steps in the first post here:

Ignore that step if you have never installed a NetMD driver before (you will know, if you are reading this) on this computer. If you don't do this on a system that has been used before with the "standard" drivers from Sony, your uploads to the RH1 will be TEN TIMES slower than expected. This will undoubtedly shorten your temper as well as the life of your precious RH1.

Please note: there will be a signing error during installation because the contents of the .INF file have been edited (relative to when Sony originally compiled it). You must ignore the error at install time, either by disabling checking of driver signing, or by overriding the default behaviour which may be to ASK whether you wish to ignore the signing error. Without this step you can not install the driver. In Windows 8 signing is forced on, and you have to (temporarily or permanently) make it optional. In earlier versions of Windows it is optional (on request) or may be turned completely off (not recommended). It's ok to turn signing off temporarily to install this driver, then set it back to its former condition after the install.

The error will be something like "STOP: are you sure you wish to proceed?" or some such terrible-sounding warning. It's quite safe, FOR THIS DRIVER, to ignore that. There's no change in the driver itself, only the information file which allows it to be installed on more units.

I hope this is useful.

I don't know what they've done to the software, I ended up with TWO new versions (except that the first one is NOT NEW).

You need the SECOND ONE.

What's New in Version Version 1.5   See changelog


  • First Version (1.0) January 17th 2013
  • 1.1 Updated October 1 2013, to include known Sharp units and Aiwa NX-9.
  • 1.2 Couple of tweaks for PCLKUSB units
  • 1.3 Add Panasonic SJ-MR250 (thanks Fabian)

Added NW-E7 and NW-E10

Corrected M333/373, removed C7 and L7HD, we don't know the PIDs
Added CMT-SE9

(note the latest PCLK.zip contains entries for three different USB connections, including the above)



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Removed due to admin stubbornly not letting me delete my account when it serves no use for me anymore and stating that all conversation between that admin and me will be saved.

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This driver solved the net-md and HI-md driver fault for windows 7.


I had net-md working in XP and Hi-md working in windows 8. I couldnt get both working in the same operating system. It was suggested that windows 7 was a happy medium between them both ie supported both. Much scratching of the head later i tried this download and success both devices are now available in sonic stage.

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