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SonicStage 4.3 Ultimate Edition

About This File

From valued forum member Avrin's topic, SonicStage 4.3 "Ultimate" Release 2:


Since the "Ultimate" 4.3 version seems to have gained quite a popularity, and appears to be less glitchy than any previous one, I decided to build a second release. This is purely a cosmetic update.


What's changed from the first release:


1. Updated Registry Information Setup is used now. This doesn't affect minidisc functionality in any way, but may add support for some newer ATRAC phones (you still need to provide the respective drivers).

2. The link to Minidisc Community Forums in the Help menu is replaced with a link to Sony Insider Forums.

3. Installation package extraction path is no longer saved to registry.

4. Windows Installer 2.0 distribution package is not included.


The complete list of changes from the official VAIO version (including changes introduced in the first release):


1. System prerequisites from Microsoft (Windows Installer 2.0, DirectX 9.0c, Windows Media Format 9, Windows Media Format 9.5, Data Access Components 2.5) are not included.

2. OpenMG Secure Module version 5.0 with the respective Registry Information is used instead of the original patched version 4.7.

3. Sony CONNECT Store support is no longer installed.

4. SonicStage Security Update is installed automatically.

5. Latest Personal Audio Drivers for SONY devices are installed automatically.

6. The VAIO support link in the Help menu is replaced with a link to Sony Insider Forums.


NOTE: If you have applied the experimental SonicStage patch 4.3.02 for Vista/Windows 7, you'll need to re-apply it after installation.

NOTE 2: If you need NetMD, you will probably have to install one of the drivers in the downloads section, as the older drivers have some different problems. In particular, if (as for many people) the system is Windows-64-bits, you will need the driver NETMD760, and you will need to undo some of the drivers installed by the SonicStage setup. If you have an MZ-RH1, you are especially warned to install that driver or its 32-bit cousin NETMD052.SYS (also under downloads) on every NetMD device.

What's New in Version 03/15/2019 03:55 PM   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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Is SonicStage Ver.4.3 available anywhere?

Forums don't seem to have realised (or if they have, not publicised anywhere I can find) that Sony have stopped hosting it in March on the grounds it wasn't built for Win7&8. An idiotic and disgraceful abandonment of their customers.


Notice to Customers using SonicStage® CP Software - Discontinuation of Download Service for SonicStage® CP Software (SonicStage Version 4.3)

Thank you for your continued interest in Sony products.

Please note that the download service for SonicStage® CP Software (SonicStage Ver.4.3) Update program will be discontinued from March 29, 2013 onwards.

SonicStage CP is compatible with Windows® Vista and older Windows® operating systems. However, as it is not compatible with Windows® 7 or future Windows® operating systems, we will be discontinuing the download service of SonicStage CP (SonicStage Version 4.3).

You can continue to use SonicStage CP if it is already installed on your computer, although you will not be able to download and/or install it after March 29, 2013.

For more information, please contact your local service centre. A list of the Sony service centres can be found in the Service Centres page.

Links and what I thought were full copies of SS 4.3 on my xp PCs are only downloader-installers only go searching for a Sony server that no longer exists.

UPDATE: I have managed to download it from

courtesy of Arvin.

Now I only have have to see if it installs - and works on my new Windows7 64 bit laptop. Wish me luck.

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First, thanks immensely for putting this file here. Why Sony couldn't have put a similar file for download on their support site when the server was shut down is beyond me... Customer disservice. The software runs just fine on Windows 7 64 bit. The only issue I had was that the included driver is the 32 bit driver. I had to install the 64 bit driver available elsewhere on this site, which I already knew about from having to find it for another W7 64 bit machine I had downloaded SS from Sony's site before they shut it down.

For some reason I got an error message about the driver not having started something (I didn't write the message down) when it loaded (via Device Manager), but when I tried it, it worked flawlessly, as does this version of SS.

The message about the broken link should be removed from the index and opening download page, the link works fine now.

Again, thanks for solving my very big problem.

John Schmidt

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I only use my Sony Mini Disc recorders (models MZ-N707, MZ-R700 and MZ-R70) to record live events - almost all classical choral music.

The SonicStage : that I downloaded works fine for playing back - BUT I still cannot transfer MY music (not someone else's copyright music uploaded from a CD, or a proprietory MD!) to my Windows XP Pro desk computer, so that I can edit it. I get a SonicStage (00001eea-891) error box that says "The device/media is write protected (Error code 0000664f)"

Am I missing something here, or is the situation unchanged: I have to play back the recording in real time and collect it from the earphone socket into my computer's recording software?

Is there a patch / fix / download that will let me do this?

Life would be wonderful

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I recommend this for Vista 32 users.

Been messing around with an old OpenMG Jukebox (2.2) version and trying to get it to work with Vista 32 Home Premium for about 1 day and a half timewise, had one more workaround to try but gave decided to throw in the towel on that and try this instead - worked first time (only had to do .mp3 -> .wav workaround to transfer music and it worked).

F**king KUDOS!

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My computer crashed and he still had to make a complete recovery of the operating system. I do not have sonicstage. I downloaded but my turntable (mds-je980) is not recognized because the program fails sonicstage 4.3 ultimate edition by christopher. So I downloaded sonicstage 3.4.zip by SFBP but when I run the program, the following message appears: "you are logged on as a limited user account sonicstage Some functions are not available In order to sonicstage Have access to all functions.. you must log on to an account than as administrator or power user privilege. "Does anyone has a solution to the problem? I am running vista. Note that I have downloaded the drivers "NetMD Driver 64-bit Win7 or Vista" by SFBP.
Thank you in advance for your advice.
Sincerely, gregorille.

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Removed due to admin stubbornly not letting me delete my account when it serves no use for me anymore and stating that all conversation between that admin and me will be saved.

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Only thing I can think of is to do a fresh install of Sonic Stage and make sure it's run with administrator rights as it installs.

I log in as administrator but my mds-JB980 is still not recognized.
But I downloaded the drivers for vista? ......

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Thank you very much SonyInsider.

SonicStage 4.3 Ultimate appears to be working as expected on my 32-bit Windows 7 environment.

And that after struggling with various alternative supposed SonicStage downloads on other sites, which did nothing except trying to install advertising software and, on one occasion, a virus.

This (4.3 Ultimate, downloaded from SonyInsider) would seem to be the one to go for.


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I was shocked to discover that this works perfectly on Win7 x64 with my all-but-forgotten NW-S706F. Even the drivers! Thanks for putting this package together. I love that little music player so much and can't bring myself to part with it so being able to revive it is awesome.

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