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  1. Hello. I have recently rediscovered my Minidiscs and also purchased my first Net MD capable player / recorder. Even though people keep telling me not to use SonicStage, I've come to prefer it. I got SS 4.3 from these forums and installed it in a VirtualBox VM running Windows XP SP3. I like ripping my CDs to ATRAC Lossless and using those files to transfer to MDs using either LP2 or SP (if I want to play on my older MD units). However, I got sick of typing the CD info in and was looking for a way to automate this in SS 4.3 and I have come up with what I feel is a halfway decent solution. I've created a new Windows app that I call SonicStageTitles that I can paste the track listing into and this program generates a VBScript that can type the titles into SS. The basic work flow is: search the CD catalog number at Discogs.com highlight & copy the track info paste this into SonicStageTitles click the "Extract Titles" button, verify or fix anything that looks incorrect click the "Generate Script" button check what it generated in the "VBScript body" text box (make sure there aren't any bad characters) click the "Run VBScript" button SonicStage will be brought to the foreground A dialog will appear stating that after you click "Ok" you have 7 seconds to get the first track in edit mode Click OK Click on the first track (click again, if it wasn't already highlighted) See that track 1 is in edit mode with all characters highlighted Sit and watch as the generated VBScript script types all the track names in for me I know that seeing 13 steps listed there might seem like a lot but, it's really pretty dang easy and a lot easier than typing titles manually. If anyone else is interested in using SonicStageTitles, let me know and I will hook you up with a copy to try out. I've only tested it in WinXP with SS 4.3 so, I have no idea if it works in other versions of Windows or with other versions of SS. Also, I hear that the latest Win 10 update prevents VBScripts from using the sendKeys command. If that's true, then this script will not work on those versions of Win 10.
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