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  1. It's amazing how easily so many threads go off on a life of their own. So bottom line is there is in fact a different between japanese RH1 > american Rh1 > euro rh1. What makes this doubtable is they all come from the same production line in Malaysia. I'll report on when my silver rh1 arrives next week.
  2. Thx guys for the encouragement. I went ahead and ordered a silver rh1 straight from japan through ebay for $409 total. In the meantime, I'll be playing with my black rh1. Listening through minidiscs feels like listening to music on a premium Avrin, Sounds good but highly doubt that statement
  3. Hi everyone, I haven't been around lately but I'm back. I'll explain. I've been using my MDs less and less. Why? I'm sure many here have been enticed as well. Well I'm almost fully Apple reliant now. I work on a MBP, I have an 24" LED Display, commute with an iPod Classic, and about to get an iPhone soon. The thing is, I still very much miss my mds. I have more than 200 discs and used to listen to them all the time, especially back in 2005 when I was in Japan. The situation over there is that even without a computer, everyone has md conpos and you could simply walk to the local tsutaya and
  4. Not sure if this is old news, but I found that minidiscaccess.com is selling the sharp dr80 for 289.99 imported. Anyone know if this is a good deal? I'm looking into stocking another md player just in case my rh1 dies on me... but I can also get another rh1 for 389.99... so which should i go? I dont use hi-md at all since my car player only takes mdlp...
  5. I think a better answer would be, is your source of music usually from CDs and MDs or from mp3? If the latter, it only makes sense to go X series walkman. In current technology mp3 players have gone along way in terms of quality (sampling rate dependent, ofc). I personally favor mds for their HQ and listening pleasure... plus the fact that I have a huge minidisc library of music, but nowadays with life getting busier, I find mp3s + itunes to be much more convenient. In the end, it's all about the convenience and pleasure tradeoff. hope this helps
  6. remy117

    Just purchased

    First off, I love my rh1... along with the md collection that I have. But after trying out the ipod classic 120gb that I use daily now (i bought a unibody mbp), I have to say, the RECORDING ability of it is pretty damn sharp. Coupled with the apple in-ear phones + mic, I can record lectures and events with decent quality. Though this no where beats my RH1 + stereo mic, its still a fairly acceptable replacement. But with the simplicity and all-in-one nature of the ipod + itunes setup, I'm sad to say that I've almost deserted my minidiscs. I try to listen whenever I can, but taking the time to
  7. yeah.. windex didnt work either. im trying to take a pic of this but i cant seem to get the flash to show up. no one else has this problem?
  8. San Diego, USA I'm from Los Angeles but it's pretty dry here all year round. I don't believe the climate is any different. I can't seem to find a reasonable explanation for this... it really hurts because the dots are very noticable.
  9. So I haven't played with my rh1 for a couple of months now, and finally took it out of it's little pouch today. Still works great but the first thing I notice is that the LCD screen has little water dots all over it. Sort of like when it rains on your car window and after it dries up. This little blobs are all over the top and front of the screen. Is this a known problem of the oled or is it just me??
  10. Alright, sorry guys for not posting earlier but I did get the unit last week and wow was the shipping fast. Within 2 business days DHL was at my door with the package. This is faster than domestic shipping! Anyhow, I was sort of disappointed with the packaging - or should i say, lack of packaging. They just shipped the original box and it had damages around from shipping. Luckily tho, the unit itself was safe. To the main part, after playing around with it for a few days now, I'm extremely pleased with the build quality. Sony did a good job making this mainstream product easy to use while
  11. Finally after years of waiting... since 2005, i've took the plunge in finally getting it through pricejapan for a $1080 shipped. Yes the price is ridiculous but i couldnt resist.. and hey, on the bright side msrp started at over something like 110,000 yen... This will be my first transaction with pricejapan and i'll keep things updated on my experience with them.
  12. lol and after 8 replies still no one gave an answer.. dont worry, i have 2 of them batteries and they all do that... though not as serious as ur case... something like 2 weeks tops. i think its the way they designed the rh1. are you sure disabling quick mode doesnt help?
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