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Status Updates posted by sfbp

  1. sfbp

    I'm so sorry

    In deleting the cross post I must have triggered (or actually carried out) deletion of the pictures in the original post.

    What can/should we do to repair this?

    Kind regards


  2. I hate Megabass!

  3. Not only can I play LP4 and AAL on my android Walkman, I can even watch Netflix.

  4. After almost 2 year wait, the developers incorporated Atrac3+ into ffmpeg (and soon VLC). Hooray!

  5. getting tired of rubbish status updates with advertising links. let's put some real updates from our members (no links please) and make this a real community feature as it was intended.

  6. I love Atrac CD's

  7. Why don't the non-UK, non-Japan versions of NWZ work with ATRAC any more?

  8. This suit looks like it might be a bit hot in the Philippines.

  9. Just realised that most of MD's bandwidth is wasted recording noise (Hiss, hum, 19kHz FM carrier).

  10. Finally scored an mz-r50 today. What a beautiful piece of engineering!

  11. Can't send PM; settings still busted

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