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  1. I wish there was someplace that still had sharp 4-pole headphones. Though gimicky, i'd love to try them on my newly aquired DS-70
  2. Was browsing Hulu and ran into this from KITE:Liberator 00:20:30, released early 2008 Great seeing the beautiful panasonic... movie wasn't so good. This scene was taken when students were told to clear out their desk.
  3. I had problems like that with my old MZ-N510. I would let it sit there and record, and it'll just flash edit and end. I would try to play it back, and it would try to remember the tracks, but then flash blank disk. Since I hear the disc spinning, I just think the writing is messed up. I didn't think a lens cleaner would work, but I just tried it anyways, no dice. For my new MZ-N510, I see a SAVING and/or flashes of EDIT, the TOC or end. Then a little sound telling me its done Update: I recorded something on the disk with another MD. Edited it with the broken MD (changing the name, or tried to record). Press played, heard music. Took out the battery, then got a blank disk when i turned it back on. weird.
  4. hmmm... sounds like i'll have to wait until i've perfected my md collection before I tie the knot. btw, the Panasonic SJ-MJ70 cost me around $25
  5. http://i.gizmodo.com/5152684/portable-medi...-charles-darwin "Always around and never forgotten" One can see this image as the Minidisc being front and centre! I wonder why they chose that model...
  6. I think the N505 and N510 are great units. I especially like navigating and editing on-the-go with my N510. The N505 is just more for show, the gold is beautiful. I don't own a N707, but it's a much nicer version of either of the 2. Lucky The metallic MD is a Panasonic SJ-MJ70, SP play back only. It was crazy cheap, awesome looking, and since I only record in SP, I take it out on nice days. Here are some pictures of recently took of it: http://s165.photobucket.com/albums/u68/Son...onic%20SJ-MJ70/ The white MDs are from the TKD HO Colour Mix, more images are here http://picasaweb.google.com/minidisc.chann...dkUsaAustralia# Thanks for looking!
  7. A picture of my current collection sitting on top of my Dresser/Desk I've taken a couple more of my blanks if ya'll like to see. http://s165.photobucket.com/albums/u68/Son...lair/Minidiscs/
  8. Well back in the states, all in all a great trip. There were 2 main markets that I visited in Seoul, Technomart and Yongsan. Technomart was a open mall type arrangement with many merchants selling the same thing over more than 9 floors. Floors 4-6 had an assortment of cameras, mp3 players, and A/V equipment. Pretty much each seller on each of those floors had Minidisc players/recorders in their display cases, which was very exciting. I mostly saw Panasonic, Victor, and Sony ones. The variety between sellers wern't great, but I only say that because of the great number of MD equipment on display. Unfortunately, most of the ones on display were broken... and they wouldn't even sell me the broken ones. The ones that did work, they expected full price, and even with haggling, you're better off ebaying. Full price for a legacy md player and recorder? no thanks. I didn't see any hi-mds on display, and I saw a few bookshelves that seemed way beyond my budget. I guess the only positive note was finding exotic players that i've never seen on ebay. On the bright side, they still sold md and hi-md disks. If you ever go to Technomart, save yourself time and buy from the store on the 8th floor (the remaining supplier to all the stores in Technomart). 74 minute disc cost 1400 Won (a little more than a dollar) and 80 minute disc cost 2000 Won, all which were pretty reasonable given the selection. For some reason, hellokitty discs cost 6000 Won, the same as Hi-md (which ranged from 6000-8000 Won). The more you buy, the better the discount, and the lady even threw in some open ones for free. Though I think the discount would have been better if I didn't look so damn excited. Yongsan is Seoul's Electronic market (both indoors and outdoors). I went on a sunday, trying to look for players at the used outdoor market, but no luck. A couple of the shops outside sold minidiscs, but just mainly TKD US/Euro-HO ( the milky colorful one) and TKD Fine Color writables. All of these were readily available at Technomart, but you can haggle for a couple thousand Won less if you're good. I even found one store that couldn't find the price of their blanks in their computers...too old they say. If you go to the inside mall, right near the trainstation, you'll find what looks like another Technomart, but with less minidisc players. They still had them on display, but many sellers said they were just sitting in a warehouse. No good deals. If you go to the bottom floor, you'll find a Media store that sells minidisc blanks. They had a great deal on 1996 Sony ES ( less than 2000 Won a disc), and more Saehan, Sony, and TKD blanks. All together I bought 80 new minidisc blanks for about 80 bucks, many which i've rarely seen on ebay. You'll find an OK assort of blanks, but if you've been in the Minidisc game for a while (not me), you'd probably have most of these. Players on the other hand were very exciting to see, but that's about it. I'm just a college student, so even spending 50-70 dollars on a new pretty player isn't a good deal. You won't find any used ones at any open markets. I'm having my girlfriend make some post at some universities to find some on the cheap, so i'll keep my fingers crossed. They say minidiscs used to be very popular (they are still showcased in current Korean Comic books) but technology moves so fast here, I bet most are sitting in the trash somewhere.
  9. Howdy all, I'm in Seoul,Korea visiting my gf and was wondering if anybody knew any specific markets to purchase MD, preferably pretty blanks or pretty cheap players. I visited the Technomart and found many new players and recorders still sitting on the displays windows, but they still want full price for them (pretty Victor players)! Fortunantly I found a store that sells some beautiful blanks . I was able to buy a couple TKD colorfine and newest MusicJack packs, random Saehan designs (penguin alphabet pet!, wave, natural wave), and a couple more. I'll be going to Yongsan tommorow. Any direction would help, thanks!
  10. Greetings, I've done a couple searches and came up with ever more questions. I own an Asus 901 netbook ( no pc ) and are unhappy with the low volume of my analog MD recordings from the headphone jack (especially from internet radio) Even with my netbook at full volume... Is there an limit on how loud I can record? ( sound quality is not a huge factor, I use these recordings later through a portable speaker and bring them to the gym. If i plug my ipod into it, it sounds MUCH louder, but who wants to use an iPod?) If so, would purchasing a usb soundcard help amplify the output so my md recordings are louder? Any other suggestions are welcome, thanks! -mlo
  11. My heart always skips a beat when I see anything related to Minidisc http://gizmodo.com/5041114/sony-earphones-...ess-subway-maps for those of ya'll who don't check gizmodo. cheers, mlo
  12. "The federal government is secretly negotiating an agreement to revamp international copyright laws which could make the information on Canadian iPods, laptop computers or other personal electronic devices illegal and greatly increase the difficulty of travelling with such devices" Interesting.... I wonder if minidisc would fall into the mix... probably not so another point for minidisc domination! link link http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/story.h...4f-47f6fc96ce5e
  13. Hello all Let me start off by saying I love minidiscs, especially the disks themselves. I have many beautiful looking 74-80 minute disks, but many bland looking Hi-Md disks. Would I be able to open the casings and change the disks around so my Hi-MD disk is sitting in a pretty net-md case? Thank you, mlo
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