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  1. Looking at the NZ Sony site, it is the rh1, Stuge. Sony New Zealand link
  2. Great to see it coming together...

  3. Will our sign-in from here apply to Insider or do we need to sign-up anew over there?
  4. You may have mentioned that before here but this is the first I've heard of it; interesting to know, thanks.
  5. I think the majority of replies to this thread shows that you will have to search out what people want rather than what you can find to offer. Cheers to guitarfxr for purchasing a large number of units to offer for sale but players / recorders that aren't specifically sought end up sitting on the shelf 'til someone makes an 'impulse purchase'. There isn't anything wrong with 'impulse purchases' but you can't rely on it to be a for-sure sale soon after it is offered.
  6. To access the language option of the remote... 1) Select: 各種設定 / Option 2) Select: 表示言語 / Language 3) Select: 日本語 or English
  7. The stand-alone 'R' nomenclature with Sony MD refers to pre-netmd recorders. Nor is there anyway that a new unit could have been released, Japan-only or worldwide, that we wouldn't know about as we've been starved for anything md related for a few years now. If the face reminded you of an n920 then they might have brought some old stock in from an outlying store; it is a large might but you saw something so it's gotta be something. My 100 en is on it being an r909 or r910 as they both have the same jog dial and volume dial placement as the n920's. Between the two, 909 and 910, the 910 had a peculiar pinkish / orange model available.
  8. I slept through the wave that rolled through my area.
  9. There weren't two Japan providers shown, you must have skimmed through the business news in Japan during March 2006. Softbank purchased the Japan division from Vodafone two years ago. The use of the Vodafone logo on the screen when Jobs showed the carriers is in reference to Australia, Italy, New Zealand, and Portugal.
  10. Haven't had any problems entering the site and the usual suspects have been there the last two days. I'll send you a PM and see if that shakes it up for you.
  11. Yes, but now both are selling them again. They announced that the product was no longer being manufactured, not that distribution had ceased. If you make 100,000 units and only five a day are sold, it will still be in the consumer pipeline for several months. It's probably a “manufactured on demand” type of deal. That is a pleasant thought to hold on to but with each passing month, newer products are introduced that adapt to the changing wants / needs of consumers. At the same time that newer products are introduced, minidisc continues to fade into the past as the user-base is not being replenished. I've never seen a portable CD unit made out of anything other than plastic. The Sony D-NE 800 / 820 and D-NE900 / 920 were high-end aluminum-bodied CD players in the early years of this decade. These two product lines were the same except for the inclusion of the LCD display on the 900 series... ...looking around on Yahoo Auctions, there are some other CD players made of aluminum. These non-Sony aluminum players are like Sony's high-end CD players in one respect, they were manufactured prior to 2005. CD players are no longer a popular choice for portable audio so high-end models have ceased to be produced. If any more portable minidisc recorders / players are released, they too will follow the same trend and be made of plastic. If next year wasn't the 30th anniversery of Walkman I might agree with, you. However, since Sony is known to release aluminum cassette players for their anniverseries it is hard for me to imagine why they would not do the same for MiniDisc. Sony didn't release a minidisc unit to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Walkman so I don't expect them to release one to mark the 30th anniversary. Sony did celebrate the 10th year of minidisc with the MZ-E10 and MZ-N10 but did nothing for the 15th anniversary in 2007. Next year will be the 30th anniversary of the Walkman brand and today the Walkman brand name refers to SE cellphones and Sony NW-Axx / NW-EXX series flash players. I do think we will get limited editions of the flash-players since they are a flagship product, but not minidisc. [edit] and they will probably continue the tradition of releasing an aluminum cassette player as the cassette player is what the Walkman brand name was established on. Interesting! The 7/11 nearest to my APT sells Victor 5MD-80LX 80 min and Maxwell CUMD80MIXB.10P The supermarkets(gorcery stores) have sony 10MDW80CCX usually. (Rosen and Inageya) Oh, I can also find floppy disk(Sony MDF-2HD) at these same places! Our Daily Yamazakis and 7-11s only stock the 2-pack Neige but the nearby Tsutaya has both 5-pack and 10-pack of Coulers, Wa's, and Avox.
  12. The seller started this auction at 0.99 usd. If the price seems inflated, it was done on the part of the potential buyers, not the seller.
  13. 7.00 usd to replace the cell...site selling the AD-MS10BT.
  14. Amazon.co.jp only ships CD's, books, DVD's, and VHS outside Japan....Amazon Japan shipping policy
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