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  1. Many thanks for your replies sfbp, i'll spend some time experimenting. BTW whats 'AAL' (excuse my ignorance ) ?
  2. Many thanks for the response, i've a load of pre-recorded discs as well my own recordings, what would be best for tranfering these ? considering i might want to burn some of them onto CD at a later date, or send them to i-tunes .
  3. Hi folks, Just looking to upload some of my MiniDiscs onto my computer using a MZ-RH1, and aren't too familiar with all the options and the technicalities, so should i go for the 'PCM' option or the '256kbs' ? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, Recently bought a MZ-DH10P of ebay which was once a demo model in Currys/Dixons, whilst its in mint condition there isn't a docking station for it, and i was wondering if any other Sony music player used the same charging stand ?...... So i might stand a decent chance of picking one up cheap !
  5. Hi, Recently bought an ex shop demo model of the MZ-DH10P, but without the charging cradle. Thats not so much a problem as i can charge my batteries up in one of my other players, non the less i would still like to get my hands on a cradle. Does anyone know if this Charging Cradle was sold with any other Sony MiniDisc/MP3 player, or was it a dedicated MZ-DH10P item ? Cheers !
  6. Hi Giant_Rick. Best of luck in your quest to finance an MZ-RH1, here in the UK you can still buy them 'over the counter' along with the Hi-MD discs from any Sony Centre on the high street, then there's the Amazon online store, which you have in Italy as well i guess. I can't understand people paying
  7. Thanks for the info sfbp, although it's not always easy for a newbie to follow 'whats what' when there are so many different formats. I just wanted to know the best format for my imported music before loading up hundreds of tracks only to find i could have done it better ! Does the 'DSEE' option make a worthwhile difference ?
  8. Hi, When uploading files from my MZ-RH1 i used to get a box on the screen asking if i wanted to convert the songs to a WAV file, but since my computer crashed a couple of weeks ago and had i to re-install Sonic Stage i can't get that option back, and everything seems to be saved in the 'Openmg' format. Any suggestions how i can get this option back.
  9. Thanks Avrin, I was hoping you would say that as i do that as well !
  10. Hi, Just wandering which Lens Cleaner do you recommend ( i have a Maxell one ), are some better than others or are they all much the same ? Or maybe you have a better method for cleaning the lens.
  11. Hi, I bought some used Hi-MD discs of ebay, and when i put them in my player the message comes up " Format Disc Error" What exactly has happened to get this message, has the music on them been erased or not, if not, can it be retrieved ????
  12. Hi, The spring on my MZ-NH900 no longer ejects the disc, how easy is it to remove the casing to get at it ? I've taken the screws out but there seems to be a knack to actually releasing the casing from the main body (unlike older models which were easier) Whilst on the subject of the MZ-NH900, is there a cure for the common problem of the 'cancel' button forwarding the tracks ?......Cheers !
  13. Having uploaded songs into the Sonic Stage library, how do i transfer them to i-Tunes ? cheers
  14. Not sure what the exact problem was, i just followed the instructions you gave me !
  15. WOW ! Thanks guys, i've got my MZ-RH1 up and running and what a truly amazing piece of kit it is, the results are fantastic !
  16. Thanks for the help, but i think i might need a load more i already have sonic stage v4.3 on my XP computer, plugged in the MZ-RH1 and it was recognised first off, but not anymore i've got PC-MD on the player but nothings happening on the computer. Any ideas ? Hungerdunger......it wasn't that one, i didn't pay anything like that much.
  17. Thanks for the reply bobt, could someone give me a link to 'Avrins ultimate version' it as i can't find it !
  18. Hi, Just acquired today a MZ-RH1 off ebay, it has'nt any accessories or manuals etc with it, just the unit. So could you guys tell me which sonic stage version runs best with it ?, and will i be able to upload all my (100's) of minidiscs onto the computer ? if so, what programme do i use ? Thanks in advance !
  19. Thanks for all the replies guys, so excuse my ignorance (well, i am still a newbie !) but what are the relative merits of 'VPT' and 'Speed Control' ?
  20. Recently bought a Sony MZ-NH800 with Fm/AM radio, can the tuner be used wth other HI-MD units ? and is there any difference between the actual MZ-NH800 and MZ-NH700 players ? Thanks !
  21. Hi Folks, i've a couple ageing Hi-Md units (NH600/800) and the jog dials are a little temperamental and 'slip'. Is there a fix that anyones knows of ? Cheers.
  22. Recently bought a MZ-RH910 on ebay, and after looking it up on the 'Equipment Browser' on this site, was expecting it to come with a 'Charging Stand', needless to say it didn't, but then there is no mention of it on the box 'contents'. So, should there have been one ? Cheers !
  23. Thanks for your imput guys, i guess i feared you'd recommend the JE-480, which is a shame, cos the JE-510 is a beauty in pristine condition, in comparison the JE-480 looks rather bland and jaded. Oh well, looks aren't everything !
  24. Recently bought a MDS JE 510 and a MDS JE 480 in an auction, neither of which have manuals, which deck should i keep and why ?
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