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  1. Hi , I recorded in PCM via optical and now i want to transfer it on my mac via HI Md music transfer. But the software won't allow to transfer.I can rename the track,and delete but not import. Last week i made live recordings and it worked fine. Isn't it possible to record via optical and import ? Thanks . Chris
  2. Hi , i just bought a MZrh1 and the remote doesn't seems to work at all on the unit.I tried the remote in a NH 600 and it performs well,is my Rh1 remote socket dead ? Is there a function i didn't see ? will an other remote work on this unit ? Thanks for your help. Chris
  3. hi try thsi yahoo group you will get an answer. http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/mtmd/
  4. well i guess i just have to throw them away.
  5. Hi iam giving away for parts or repair a sony player MZ E 710 with stand battery holder and and japanese power plug, a sharp MD ST 531-S with remote ,battery holder and japanese power plug. The units doesn't seem to work . shipping cost is 20 euro worldwide. chris
  6. hi i found this link http://www.akiba-gadgets.com/minidisc-collection/ i thought i'd share it with you guys there are some models i never seen before.
  7. Many thanks it did work .
  8. thanks but the link doesn't work..
  9. Hi i don't have the isntall cd,i did reinstall xp and thought i'd download simple burner from here but now i'am stuck . Any one else has an idea ?
  10. Hi guys i try to download Md simple burner and i can find any active link.could you help me please ?
  11. cm16600

    Help RH 910

    Many thanks Arvin.
  12. cm16600

    Help RH 910

    Hi could someone be kind enough to tell me what is the default value on adress 0124 in service mode? Does this adress change the laser value on RH 910 like on th rh1? Thanks
  13. Well i found my RH 910 really noisy when the head is moving from one track to another or writing Toc ,jumping to a group or even during a song sometimes,could it br the mechanism that spinns the disc?
  14. Hi BobT can you tell me more about the operating noise when the mechanism works ?(sorry for my english )
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