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  1. When I say editing I mean editing. That means - Dividing tracks Combining tracks Renaming tracks Erasing tracks Changing track order Inserting track marks at fixed intervals while recording Have you seen these features on any other player?
  2. Superior editing features, smaller size, better sound quality....side by side MD still blows everything else away
  3. Wow. This is actual Atrac SP (292kps) tracks we are talking about? That would be fantastic. So just to clarify: (1) Transferring tracks from the computer to NetMD in SP mode will soon be possible. (2) Transferring tracks from NetMD back to the computer in SP mode ("as is") is going to take more work?
  4. ** BREAKING NEWS ** New MD system released - "Today, Onkyo introduced yet another upgrade of this series with the X-N9EX and X-N7EX marking the 12th anniversary of the series since its first introduction on the Japanese market." MD clearly continues to be popular in Japan. Although they don't appear to have much interest in Hi-MD. Maybe Onkyo have dropped their Hi-MD systems in favour of the older, more accepted format?
  5. Teac still make MD decks. Here is their latest one, available only from Japan http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/TEAC-MD-50S-New-Mini-Disc-Deck-/200475392155?cmd=ViewItem&pt=UK_CE_Cassette_RL&hash=item2ead43b89b
  6. Here's another idea which would make Sony millions - Have consumers trade in 'old stock' but still functional MD units to be eligible for a discount on the latest MD technology. This would create a buzz and generate a wave of interest in the new units in these difficult times. This marketing strategy could even threaten sales of the iPod (which break a few days after you buy them anyway). Damn I should be employed by Sony, I could turn it around for them within a year!
  7. What would be very interesting is if Sony now make SP uploads a reality. There are profitable motives to do it. Tascam continue to produce professional MD decks, and other companies in Japan like Kenwood and Onkyo continue to produce consumer MD units that use this codec. The portable RH1 which also records natively in SP is in limbo admittedly, I am not exactly sure what is the future on it. There would need to be some portable support because the whole idea of MD is to have music on the go. So here's a thought....If another iteration of the MD technology was being considered, Sony may actually dump the Hi-MD format altogether and improve on the SP format side. It would be like a fresh sheet of paper as the codec is probably less restrictive and they could get it right from day one this time. It shouldn't be that inconceivable to have magneto-optical technology that can go up to 16gb on a single minidisc (though I have read that, theoretically, 5gb would be the limit). Thoughts anyone?
  8. They can make money from MD. A lot of it. MD is worth more than Gold right now. See here if you don't believe http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/All-7-michael-jackson-mini-disc-studio-albums-L-K-/170487860858?cmd=ViewItem&pt=UK_Music_Music_Memorabilia_LE&hash=item27b1de4e7a Hardware is also in the thousands of dollars. Look here http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Sony-MDS-JA555ES-Minidisc-/150440607269?cmd=ViewItem&pt=UK_CE_Cassette_RL&hash=item2306f57e25 Maybe Sony's inability to make money last year will force them to produce more minidisc related items. All they need to do is to market it properly and they will make a damn fortune.
  9. Regarding the 'Pop' sound - maybe Sony were trying to replicate a vinyl record as you moved the tone arm to select the next track
  10. Yes the PCM-M10 is definately for you. Fellow MD member tekdroid has given detailed analysis at http://taperssection...opic=124639.360 It does look like a lot of MD die hard users are abandoning ship unfortunately.
  11. Any update on this? I would also be interested in the results.
  12. Record in Mono (44.1 khtz, uncompressed PCM) so that you are only using one layer instead of two layers of stereo. This will fit the music in half the space required. Most people can't distinguish mono from stereo files anyway. Then transfer the files at an Atrac3+ bit rate onto Sonicstage. Bingo, you've just doubled the space on the MD.
  13. You could bite the bullet and get a Tascam MD-02B. It's the only new MD deck still in production.
  14. You should eject the disc every time you finish a recording, that way the TOC will be sure to be updated. Try ejecting the disc then reinserting it, you never know the tracks may turn up. If the tracks do not show there is a company in the UK called EDL who have special software that can retrieve the data as long as you don't record on the MD again. TOC cloning may also be used if the person knows what they are doing.
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