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  1. I have to say, between the 20ES & the Denon DMD-1000, the Denon's my favourite, so much so that I own two of them:-) I find it produces a nice fluid almost analogue sound if that makes any sense... Also excellent as a Dac with the SBTouch.
  2. The sound isn't as crisp as the RH1, lacks punch, sounds a little mushy. Don't get me wrong, it's still listenable but not the best listen. Using BA IEM's also gives a noticable hiss to the sound compared to the RH1. Hell, my Sansa Fuze sounds a whole lot better than this too...
  3. Headphones I use with most of my portable stuff are the Beyerdynamic DT231 Galactic, Etymotic HF5 IEM's, Grado SR125i, UE Triple Fi 10 pro. As you can see, most are quite revealing of the sources they are used with and will show up any deficiencies. I am quite sensitive to noticing if a source isn't up to scratch and sadly the N1 seems to be the case...
  4. Answer to the first reply, i'm using the mz-n1. All recordings are only made in real time SP on the Denon DMD-1000 home deck or a Sony MDS-20ES deck. The source material are flacs fed from the pc. The recordings really are top notch from these and sound fabulous on both the home decks and the rh1. I've gone through the menu in the n1 portable and ensured the sound setting is switched to the off position so theres no influence there. I realise there's a difference in the digital amp of the rh1 over the analogue of the n1, but wasn't expecting that big a difference!
  5. Recently picked up a Sony mz-n1 portable to give the rh1 a rest. I find the sound quality isn't a patch on the rh1, sounding a little warmer with a soft treble. I'm surprised as it's a relatively newer player. In general, it sounds a bit muddled. Any suggestions for top quality players to get sound wise?
  6. Got a link to this? I just had a quick look on Amazon UK and all that's up there are Vapex ones.
  7. I am seriously NOT at all impressed with a replacement gumstick battery I bought on ebay! I purchased a High Power 1450mAh Vapex rechargeable battery which does not even hold a charge! I've charged it a few times now in the Sony MZ-N1 portable, start playing a disc, lasts about 4 songs then dies of low battery warning. Even If I just charge the battery up, then return to it the next day without using the player, it's already dying. If that's the so called quality of gumstick batteries nowadays, it doesn't look bright for the players that use them.
  8. Now then, I know that the MZ-RH1 has a good amplifier built into it, but thought I might try my recently purchased UE TripleFi 10 Pro earphones with it. What a disappointment. They ended up sounding flat, muffled, hissy. Given that these sound absolutely amazing straight out of my Sansa Fuze or my Fiio E10 USB DAC I was expecting them to sound just as good from the minidisc player! I can only think this is down to an impedance mismatch. I think the TripleFi 10's are 32 ohms at 1Khz (whatever that means)... This should be an easy load for the MZ-RH1 surely. Has anyone else had similar issues trying different phones with their players?
  9. I make all my recordings on my home deck: a Denon DMD-1000. This plays them back just fine as far as I know, not tried the last two discs via playback on it, but they BOTH fail to play on my two portables, the MZ-RH1 and an earlier Sony player, the MZ-E25. There can't be anything wrong with any of my machines as they ALL play different brand discs perfectly. These TDK discs are the black ones with a small window in them, the disc looks a golden colour from the top. Wouldn't be bronzing would it? I don't think the MZ-RH1 has ever been touched by anyone .
  10. Just recorded some vinyl to a fresh TDK MD-RXG minidisc & went to play it in my MZ-RH1, but it flashes up 'NO DISC'. Tried the disc back in my home deck & it's fine, also tried it in another portable player and it also displayed 'NO DISC', after another attempt, it plays, but do you think it will play in the MZ-RH1? Nothing amiss with the plastic enclosure the disc is in, so I am clueless as to why it will not play in this one machine. Could it be possibly a fault during the manufacturing of the TDK media? If so, this will be my first! Tried another TDK disc & this is fine! UPDATE: Recorded another TDK minidisc & this works, so I did another one again and I get the 'NO DISC' error again. Gonna go & try a Maxell minidisc. UPDATE: Maxell disc is fine. opened up a few more sealed TDK minidiscs & some are ok, others give the 'NO DISC' message.
  11. Had an ipod touch for a couple of years now, always been pleased with how it sounds, UNTIL I tried the same songs played back on my Sony MZ-RH1 minidisc player. What a difference. There's more body, depth, warmth to the music and it sounds a lot more engaging. The ipod touch rarely gets used now for bedtime listening. Both these players I use with a pair of Beyerdynamic DT231 headphones which are perfect. Anyway, I find that it's a pain to keep syncing with itunes everytime I want to change music. Much easier to just grab some favourite minidiscs. I enjoy making minidisc compilations too - it may take longer to do but it's more fun.
  12. Well lately, touch wood, the Denon player has been working OK, just once last week it gave me a Mech Error! Maybe it's because it wasn't in use much from the previous owner... If it starts to play up on a regular basis again, i'll try Jim's advice with the contact cleaner. Richie
  13. Here's one on ebay. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sony-MZ-RH1-Hi-MD-Walkman-/320595649449?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4aa4fd63a9
  14. I tried to browse these forums last night on my ipod touch - does not work with either the built-in safari browser or the installed opera browser. I can, however browse without any problem on my android phone. Is there a conspiracy? Richie
  15. Hi Jim, Yes it is the DMD-1000. I just noticed I missed a 'zero' in the title of the thread! Silly me... I will have a good look for those swiches first. If I feel that it's going to be a little tricky to fix, I will take you up on your offer if that's OK? Richie
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