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  1. How much? international shipping (us)? any of the ones i seen on your picasa site that you want to sell?
  2. Hi all. i looking to buy a minidisc player as i am kind of the type to do things no-one else around me does. I'm kinda partial to the Panasonic sj-mj88 but i am open to others. The reason i want the MJ88 is its low profile design and for the reference it had in the anime NOIR. I know its just a player and i still need a recorder so im also up for that. Do not hesitate to offer other players/recorders. My price range is no more than $150 USD shipped. Has to be working and in good condition. The only thing that can be wrong with it is the rechargeable battery needs to be replaced. Post or send pics (email: omegadman@gmail.com). Thanks!
  3. extremely old post but have to ask with some hope. do you still have it?
  4. I know im extremely late and may not get a response but if you still have the panasonic mj88 how much do you want for it? Doesn't hurt to ask right?
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