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  1. http://www.electronista.com/articles/11/09/13/premium.player.has.tegra.2.wi.fi.bluetooth.dnla/ It is an Android music player with linear PCM format . I am about to buy Sony MZ RH1 MD player for linear PCM lossless music but I am going to keep an eye to this yet releasing music player . Only feature I will miss is the feeling to insert minidisc .
  2. PhilippeC I want to listen CD quality or lossless music while mobile without sacrificing beatrate , There is Portable CD player and MD Player as mobile and MD Player can fit into pocket easily but that is right , that is an expensive pleasure , I have thought to but a dozen Hi-MDs and a few rechargeable batteries but I might change my mind and get a mp3 player of Sony and buy a deck just sfbp suggested , I am searching about Onkyo B7/8 now , at least I can listen to music in my house .
  3. Thanks A440 , My intention is exactly ripping CDs to lossless PCM level . I will look around for some time to find a silver one .
  4. I have been planning to buy MZ RH1 for a few years but my being student budget/education expenses excuses hadn't give me chance to buy it until now but I have slim papers that makes people work for it for life . I want to buy silver color but it is available only on Japanese retailers . I have checked SonyStyle JP , Kakaku , Rakuten and no chance , it is out of sale or something like that , because I can't read Japanese and Google Translate doesn't help that much , can someone confirm that if SonyStyle JP is still selling ? Thanks . I have checked also Ebay and there are only Hong Kong Black editions ; are HK Black and JP different or made in the same factory or the one is made in China and the other is made in Japan ? Also , let's say I have a CD album and ripped music tracks on mp3 format to my computer and then to MD player (Atrac/PCM format) and I ripped , converted the music tracks from CD to MD player directly via SonicStage software on computer ? Is quality of music tracks going to be different ? Can anyone suggest me japanese retailers where I can buy a silver MD player ? I might use forwarded shipping .
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