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  1. Back in 1997, long before MP3 was anything more than a concept, I was serving in the Air Force and frequently deployed overseas. Some guys on the squadron introduced me to a strange format for making music portable. MiniDisc. I soon got to learn that those tough little discs survived the rough-and-tumble of life in a kit-bag. We each bought portable players, and would ‘pool’ our discs together to make little music libraries, would trade discs with one another, and would copy CD’s for one another back home. No matter where we were in the world, AA batteries were easy to obtain, and just a
  2. It’s February 2018, and I just spent last weekend converting my car to take an 18 year old Pioneer MiniDisc head-unit. I still make up ‘mixtape’ discs on my hifi to listen to when out driving, or walking the dog. Ive lost count, but I’ve got something like 1000+ discs, several hifi separates and over a dozen portable units. I record all my music in Type-R SP so that it is compatible across the range. MiniDisc never ‘crashes’, mixes up my tracks or loses the album artwork. It never requires ‘sync resets’ to a PC, and can go on endlessly on AA batteries which can be easily swapped out.
  3. Hi folks, I just want to thank you all for your replies. it all makes for very interesting reading. Your replies have been invaluable, as they have afforded a very different perspective to what i experienced 'growing up'. The 'assignment' (such as it was) was to examine our relationship with material objects. My personal experience was that I placed a huge 'value' on my music collection, and as such, placed a huge value on my MiniDisc collection. Over the years, I feel I have attained greater 'value' from MiniDisc as the price has fallen over the years. My 'golden years' of using MiniD
  4. I'm a huge fan of the Sony MZ G750. Uses an AA battery via an internal compartment. Has an FM radio. Can record as well as have playback. I pick them up off ebay around £20 per time. What is there not to like???
  5. Hi Arr-Nine-Hundred, I'm not conducting any form of 'structural research', I am just genuinely interested in how we interact with objects and the values (and reasons for those values) that we place on objects. The reason I decided to concentrate on 'MiniDisc' is purely because it is one that motivates me personally, so I can relate to many of the answers that have been given. The more formal part of my study focuses on the way we interact with 'technology', so I was interested to see WHY you all stick with (or have moved onto) MiniDisc. Regards, Matt
  6. Thank you for your reply Damnspynovels, Yes, there is definitely something in the extra 'investment' in time and effort, compared to the convenience of 'drag and drop' MP3. For me, I find the LACK of choice when out with my portable MiniDisc Player an asset. With the iPod, I became a "lazy listener" and would skip from track to track, album to album without much consideration OR concentration. With MiniDisc, I would select two or three carefully considered discs (usually albums) and listen to each track, in full, and in the sequence which the artist intended. The fact that the audio-qual
  7. Thank you for all of your replies, folks! It's looks like the majority of you own more MD equipment than you can practically use, although the motivation (again, like me!) is to 'stockpile' usable items whilst it can still be sourced. A couple of interesting comments about 'interaction'. From a consumer perspective, convenience is usually considered desirable. However, people seem to enjoy the investment in time and effort making-up discs. A bit like vinyl, they like the feeling of something tangible, unique, substantial. People prefer the object, the artwork, the liner-notes, in prefere
  8. That was a sensationalised title, designed to get you to read this post. It has worked. If you are reading this, then you (just like me) are likely to be an avid collector and user of the 'MiniDisc format'. There may be many reasons for this. 'Cost' may be a factor? Perhaps the 'practicality' of sticking with a familiar and reliable format? Perhaps a 'sentimental attachment' connected with your youth? Whatever YOUR personal reason for continuing to use MiniDisc, the fact that it is no longer in production and has been superceeded by technology, indicates that it is an 'obselete con
  9. A JA555ES for free? Seriously? How did you manage that?
  10. Hi there! I guess it is "horses for courses" on how you choose to use the MD format. For "mobile/foot" use, I have acquired three Sony MZ G750 players. They were laughably cheap off a 'certain auction website', have the facility to play FM radio whilst I'm out walking or hillwalking, and use a traditional AA battery, making power a 'non-issue' when away from home for extended periods. As far as reliability is concerned, In 2005 I used one for 6 months when I was serving in the military out in Iraq. It got bumped, knocked, sand-blasted and squashed, and it never missed a beat! It also
  11. I'm going to guess that he received the "Blondie" original MD as a 'freebie' when he purchased his MD player. I also think her bought a bunch of blank Sony discs and immediately set to copying his favourite albums first (handwriting style and ink match on several discs of the same brand). The lack of 'personal mixes' suggests that he was looking just to duplicate his albums. I agree with sescoscuba that it appears that the discs have perhaps only been recorded on once (ink instead of pencil, original labels). The fact that they are mostly still in their original cases suggests that
  12. Bought a Sony MZ G-750 which was 'for parts' (I bought it for the FM radio cable) but when it arrived it powered-up and worked perfectly. No issues at all! Only paid £15 for it, including postage and packaging, and it is in immaculate condition! My BEST EVER, was a Sony MDS JA50ES (a real monster of a thing!) which I bought "on a whim" for £20 plus £20 p&P with a fault, where it was described as "working, but no display". Got it home, fired it up, had a good play and found that the 'Display' button on the front was gunky and jammed-in. Gave it a careful clean with contact-cleaner, and
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