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  1. I love Kimchi I miss the sweet drink from korea I think its a rice drink I forgot the Name I also LIke Milkis ******* the best!!!!!!
  2. Anyone Know If I would get a better recording With a Flac File Playing From A wolfson Dac???? the sound is richer and deeper from this Dac. then I wanted to use my MZ-RH1 to record with.
  3. Hello Sir, I was in Korea for a year I loved it there I was in the Seoul Area it nice to meet you.
  4. i bought one from this guy back in 2012 dec for 350.00 i just had to buy new gum sticks still works perfect.
  5. hello everyone i just got my stuff in SONY Sound Gate CD MD Stereo LAM Z03 Japan Mini Disc Sony MZ-B100 Portable Mini Disc Recorder!! Sony MZ-E610 Minidisc (girl Model) anyways my sound gate player has a network mode anyone know anything about this? it looks like it has a usb port in the back of the machine.
  6. anyone know if this is a good unit?? http://www.ebay.com/itm/171032621935?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649
  7. so how would i go about fixing this sir I do enjoy this unit sir thank you so much for the help.
  8. Can I buy a get out of jail free card....... Just in case?
  9. oroville


    Nope no one cares about any of my minidisc they just laugh and call any of my units that I use at work an atrack player I just laugh and say "please enjoy your iPods you I-sheep" and go about my day so I have nothing to worry about and your so right how no one understands our obsession. My wife thinks I am a little crazy for using minidisc still, like I tell everyone who asks... "Quality over quanity" But just to be clear I will never leave the format until all of my units have stopped working and I can't find anymore to buy.
  10. I think that I-crud is way to close to that wonderful peace of art.
  11. Minidisc Sound So.... GOOD.

  12. oroville


    I also have a MD Deck not see in the photo its a .....MXD-D5C MINT condition hope you guys enjoy also have 65 more disc on the way and a rare Japanese MD unit on the way will post when they get here.
  13. oroville


  14. oroville


    Oh yea I forgot I have about 9 minidisc players at home when I go on leave will add more photos.
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