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  1. Did that, now the "PC-MD" shows up (which it wasnt before) but it's flashing on and off and Sonic Stage dont see it.
  2. Well I've checked everything obvious now lead,pc,trying it using battery and using the charging cradle.It just seems to have stopped for no reason
  3. Thanks very much for helping me but I've got weird results. The other day I brought a Sony MDS-JE780 thinking that if I couldnt get my MZ-N910 to work I'd use this to put music on my minidiscs, anyway after much farting about and downloading this would only 'speak' to my XP laptop and sonic stage worked fine. Well after sftp's advice this morning I downloaded the 64-bit driver for NetMD in his link which worked great for the MDS-JE780 which I can now use with my windows 7 pc where all my music is . Only thing now is that didnt work with my lovely N910. I dont think it's a driver problem, I think there is something wrong with the player itself like the the usb socket has become unresponsive which is really annoying because there's no reason for it as I really look after my gadgets.
  4. Thanks for the reply sfbp, I'm using Windows 7 64. I've tried Sonnic Stage 4:3 and the ultimate one of here.
  5. Hello everyone I've just joined this forum as you all seem very knowledgeable. I recently got my mindisc players down from the attic with a view to selling them but changed my mind after rediscovering how good the sound quality was over my MP3 players. Anyway I managed to get Sonic Stage back working then got the PC to see my player and happily made a couple of discs, but yesterday when I went to do more the player wouldnt even recognize the usb lead was being pluged into it. I've tried about 6 different leads but no joy. Please help as I want to put my new music on some discs.
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