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  1. UK-MD

    Sony JE780

    This is also on ebay with a buy it now option
  2. UK-MD

    Sony JE780

    I've got a Sony Minidisc Deck MDS-JE780 for sale. Fully working and in good condition with remote. £60
  3. UK-MD

    Sony CMT-MD1

    I've got one of these for sale. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6z70uHHN7ME Could deliver if not too far. All works fine and comes with remote. Type micro system Functions CD player MiniDisc player radio Components (for S.D.) radio / CD / MiniDisc Sound Output Mode stereo Output Power / Total 30 Watt Frequency Response 90 - 20000 Hz Color silver
  4. What I've got is one of the wall plug type chargers and with no indicator LEDs or anything on it wondered how long people leave their batteries to charge in one.
  5. I cant belive that in a forum dedicated to mini discs that only ONE person has any input to offer on battery charging, something nearly all mini disc users need to do.
  6. Anyone else know anything about this ?
  7. UK-MD

    My new MD

    I just took delivery of a Panasonic SJ-MJ95 that I scored off the bay. A lovely little unit with a dock and two speakers, Only problem is that the headphone socket on the unit is 2.5 mm I can put normal phones in the remote but I'd like to have the option not to use it, it's got all the control buttons on the back of the unit as well.
  8. UK-MD

    Sony MZ NH600

    I should think someone somewhere has even paid less than you did freddy, but mines £80.
  9. I'm sellin my Sony MZ NH600, it's in good condition (I'd say 9.75 out of ten ), It's the one WITH the optical and usb.There's no remote but It can use other sony ones (I've tried). £80
  10. So why not use a gumstick battery then ? How much would a MZ-NH600D be worth today ?
  11. Why do they spoil some of these lovely little players by jamming a AA batery in there and making that horrid lump in the back.
  12. Lol and people want up to 800 quid for these on ebay.
  13. Hello peeps I just wondered if anyone had any guide to how long the gumstick type batteries need to charge in one of the wall plug type chargers. As there's no indicator leds or anything ?
  14. I think if you go to the download section of this site there is a version there that you can use.
  15. Hello Jim can you see if that email came through OK thanks
  16. As in the title just wondered if someone knows where I can get a MZ-NH1 stand ?
  17. Well being a bit jealous of Jimmas stash I just by chance decided to go the the local car boot on sunday (not been for weeks) and staring at me from the third table in was a Sony MZ NH1 . I made out I didnt know what it was and the woman said I think it's a mp3 player so I looked into the box and there was about twelve discs, the player and three 1gb discs. When I saw the 1gb disc I said to the woman that I've got more memory on my phone so I ended up getting it all for a tenner Only problem is there was no charging dock, but I managed to charge the battery with a universal charger and it all works fine.
  18. sorry Jim. I dont spose in amonst your collection youve got a charging dock for a MZ NH1 ?
  19. Very nice, well done
  20. I think this must be the problem Jim as I've just brought another 910 off ebay and it connected no problem. Funny that it should just decide to happen with no reason, I really look after my gadgets. While I was in a buying mood I also got a lovely Panasonic SJ-MJ50 off ebay.
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