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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone, this is my first post in this forum... I've recently discovered that the BCA-NWHD3 adapter that came with the Sony NW-HD3 player can also be used with Sony MZ-N10 NetMD player. Both devices have the same proprietary port for data transfer and charging. All you need to do is to cut a piece of plastic that supports the adapter when connecting to the device (I used my Dremel tool to cut it; very easy stuff). Then you can attach the adapter to MZ-N10 and use a regular mini USB cable to connect the MD player to your computer. You can also charge the player via DC-in jack with an auxiliary AC-DC adapter. I use a 5V Sony PSP power adapter by the way; it works flawlessly for charging MZ-N10. Unfortunately, you cannot attach the BCA-NWHD3 adapter to the charging cradle. Because of the plastic housing, it doesn't fit into the cradle. Hope this information may help someone who is searching for a "hard to find" USB cable for MZ-N10... Here are some photos:
  2. I have an old minidisc player that is not working anymore, and a disc is inside of this player that I am not even sure how to take out. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated. After I take that disc out of that player I would have to copy it to my computer hard drive. I just found out that some MD players have USB outputs, and weirdly enough some players can only download through the USB ports, not upload, but most of them do both: uploading and downloading. Question: If I find a player that will be able to transfer data through USB port into the computer, what format it will be transferred in and what format is it recorded on the disc in, and how exactly can such transfer from a disc to the computer hard drive be done? Thank you.
  3. Mint condition, less than 200 total running hours, bright display, scratch free front. Original box, remote, manual. Free shipping within Europe, fully tracked and insured. PM me for details. Up for a few days only.
  4. Hello, I would like to transfer my old md's (mono, lp2, stereo, about 100) in the best possible way to preserve them for the future. This has to be done once, in the best possible way. The recordings are liveshows. I bought a Sony MZ-RH1 for this purpose and installed the following drivers and SS. Win 7 & 8 64-bit Driver: http://proudofmylife.net/md/sony-net-... Sonic Stage 4.3: http://proudofmylife.net/md/ss43.zip Installed it last night and it all seems to work. Few questions: 1. I tried one MD and noticed a problem. Most discs have trackmarks. In SS I can select all tracks and transfer them seperatly, but I would like to have only one file (preferrably before I do the transfer.) What is the best thing to do right now? I own a standalone deck too, btw. - Remove all marks with the standalone deck by hand? - Transfer all and combine stuff later? (if so, is SS good enough or is Wavelab, for example better?), i want it seamsless (ofcourse), without losing one bit. 2. The goal is to have the recordings on harddrive just as they are on the minidisc (for the archive). So, in its original atrac format. Besides that I want a working/listen version of the recording (in FLAC). SS gives my the opportunity to convert the orginal to WAV. Is there a reason to let SS do the conversion (after the transfer) in favour of a program like Wavlab? Or would it even better to convert from the original to FLAC directly? Any suggestion on this part? This forum has helped me a lot with information before in this transferproject, but some advice at this point would be nice. Grts, Popmarter
  5. I just got one of these but the seller has misplaced these items. They are unique to the unit so I cannot use the AA sidecar from other MD units and the cable is not a mini or micro USB type. Many thanks!
  6. hey everyone.. i was just using my laptop and had a USB mouse attached to it..all of a sudden out of nowhere it stopped working..i tried everything after that..restarted the system..tried to attach a new mouse..but nothing is working...yes all the USB ports are working for other USB devices but they are not recognizing the mouse...please help me...its driving me nuts..
  7. Hello everyone I've just joined this forum as you all seem very knowledgeable. I recently got my mindisc players down from the attic with a view to selling them but changed my mind after rediscovering how good the sound quality was over my MP3 players. Anyway I managed to get Sonic Stage back working then got the PC to see my player and happily made a couple of discs, but yesterday when I went to do more the player wouldnt even recognize the usb lead was being pluged into it. I've tried about 6 different leads but no joy. Please help as I want to put my new music on some discs.
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