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    MiniDisc, a brief history of my MD craze can be found @ http://forums.sonyinsider.com/topic/28668-introducing-myself/#entry186852


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  1. ayeosq

    HI-MD 1gb

    No need HI-MD, good old 80min MD should be able to serve you well enough. Unless you are on a plane which 30 songs ain't enough for your pleasure.
  2. Well, depends on format, I listen to LP2 and it will last at least 5 days of two hours travel each day on my N710... Usually I charge for 5 to 6 hours in player friday, then use on monday to friday for travel initially... Pretty reasonable for a 5USD battery... For how long that last, for now at least half a year, although the hours for my first batch still last for a decent few days of travel though, which is why I decided to get more of them... Pretty decent for my case...
  3. 10 of this... Had four of these at one point and find it the best out of those ebay batteries...
  4. I don't get this at all, right now, after I burnt a test disc with SP format, it no longer hang while playing. In addition, the spinning sound goes away. Has this happened to anyone?
  5. Right now, I am creating a disc with SP format music and see how it goes, will update.
  6. Oh well, it was collect dust for months now. And I just had to give it a spin to make sure it works and continue to live the glory of MiniDisc. Powered it up, insert a disc, start the music. It load up with the right title and did play the disc straight up, but spinning noise was heard, it was noticeable and loud enough to hear it without placing your ears on the player. In addition, it hangs for a while while playing the same track and spinning get really hard, on random track, not consistence. Recorded disc info: Disc type: MDW-80PL Format: LP2 Software : Sony Sonic Stage 4.3 Ultimate V2 Device : Sony NE-410 NETMD Just to be sure, I did check the format specification on the archive and the other websites, and it is sure that LP2 and LP4 are supported. The disc was tested on MZ-NE410, MZ-N710, MZ-N10 and MZ-N1 to work flawless, definitely the spinning sound was not heard and pause wasn't happening. Just to be sure, I used another recorded disc, same recorded specification, and tried, same result, pause often and loud spinning sound. This getting me worried, what can I do?
  7. I tried looking at my local craigslist, gumtree, but MD ain't a big thing here. Even buying a cheap netMD is already a challenge.
  8. Am from Australia, can't really get them over though... You willing to help?
  9. Hi all, Thanks all MDs user out there for keeping MDs alive, especially Christopher, who made using MDs now possible with his Ultimate Edition of Sonic Stage that Sony abandoned, kudos!!! Am a proud owner and user of MD after my first purchase in high school, should be a NetMD, MZ-N1. It cost me a freak price of about 600, it wasn't cheap at all for a student that time, but well, it's a MD and I must have it. It was the first and definitely not the last, have since gone through a bunch of player, not high end but mid range. I know it's lame, buying a recorder MD and only create mix tape and listen to them. Never once have I recorded live stuff, don't know why, but it's just doesn't ring a bell. Oh well, here in the downunder, MD ain't a big thing, it's already rare to meet people who actually know MDs and it's use. I had a couple of incident where people approaches me and ask the ultimate question about life, "What is that you are listening from?". And I replied "42!!!", obviously not, " this is an MiniDisc, go google it." It's disappointing, but on the other hand, I have a player that most people do not know, I am the coolest bloke in this country. How I wish I reply, "Miss, I can show you more than this at my place, with a really good mic that cums with these!" Back to the introduction, for the past 12 years, I have been listening to these restricted collection of MDs I recorded. I know, for 12 years right, my collection of music are mainly really dad influence, like Michael Jackson, Eagles, U2, Bon Jovi, Linkin Park, Marilyn Manson, Taylor Swift, ABBA, Gun N Roses, X-Japan, AC/DC and a couple of headbangers. That's basically my library of music for 12 years, I am proud to own a collection of CD ever produced by each mentioned artist, basically discography of these mentioned artist in CD form. and each are recorded into a single MD with maximum quality I can squeeze into. The library did not grow much over the years. Am really not into now a days mainstream music, too lack of meaning and they just doesn't give that "VTEC kick in yo!!!" feel when I listen to them. Don't get me wrong though, I do listen to radio and pick up a couple of nice music like David Guetta - Shot me Down and whatever popular, but I wouldn't buy their CDs or bother making a mix tape of these 5 sec fever. Usually, I bring 5 MDs and a player out and swap disc as my liking. But, MD is so superior over CD in term of portability, I can run and walk with my MD or even attach a vibrator to it and it still works a champ. What about our youngest brother iPoo, doesn't he have a short life, it's flash mate, it dies eventually on your read and write. Most of my MD and CD are more than 10 years old, it's strong and no issue operating anytime, I can't say that for my past iPoo though. Ok, I did try an iPoo and a couple of MP3 players during my military terms, got no choice though, can't be bringing my collection in camp, it's too much trouble. These player did last for my service but it just come straight to point that they usually fail after warranty ends, it is like the Job guy programmed them to do that. I would usually use my book out off days to run my MD through, just to make sure they don't go stale. Those were the days where I only care about my console and my music collection. Now I had a bigger worry in life, my endless exams and assignments. It's only recently that I started to read this forum and had a go at Christopher version of SonicStage, works like a champ. Just did my first mix tape in ages, I can't even recall when was last, but really appreciate people from this community keeping MD alive. It a pleasure to be among the 1337 who appreciate MD culture. Not sure any stalker out there realise that I posted that I want to get a MZ-RH1 at reasonable price, please help me out if you can. Lastly, I hope my introduction didn't bore you and its not too obscene for most people. Regards, Arturo
  10. As mentioned in title, don't offer prices like 1000USD for a used one... Am a peasant student, only can fork out a peasant amount... Of cause I am not asking for ridiculous look price like less than 300USD... All in all, am willing to pay what it's worth....
  11. OMG, the few Aussie who appreciate MDs, I am proud... I get Aussie who walk up to me, " mate, what's that!!! " It's like, they never see such cool things....
  12. Omg, this reminds me of those day I drool and save up for MDs... I need these sent to me....
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