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  1. Actually, name a price and we'll see what we can do...
  2. Hey there guys and gals, looking to snag the prerecorded MD of Tidal, by Fiona Apple. I almost got it on ebay, but someone sniped me by 2 bucks :- $40 bucks and I pay for shipping Anyone have it and wanna get rid of it?
  3. If thats helped, I may just buy another sony one and hope its not DOA lol.
  4. Yes, I have tried those methods, I thought you were refering to a method discussed in a sticky or something I may have missed in this forum. The <.< was a sign that I wasnt sure what your comment had to do with the original question, not that I hadnt previously tried to jump the batteries. The unit already will not turn on while on battery power. My MZ-NH1 will flash the battery charging symbol and CHG:--- min before popping up with 00min and shutting down. The unit plays perfectly fine without a battery when I have it in the dock, so its not the unit (unless its the battery contacts w
  5. <.< Which methods are you refering to?
  6. So it's finally happened; both of my LIP-4WM gumstick batteries have died and will no longer hold charge. I see many of the LIP-4WM for sale on ebay and random places, but to my knowledge these are all original run Sony brand and are surely pretty old (bad news for lithium-ion batteries). Does anyone make replacements or equivalents for this battery? I dont care if its some tiny specialty place that charges $100 a pop, just would like to snag a couple of new ones
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