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Found 15 results

  1. Sony Hi-MD Walkman| MZ-EH1 (Black) I actually posted a pictorial of this exact machine many years ago, all the way back in 2006 (see here). 16 years later, I thought it was time to revist this beautiful unit. Enjoy ☺️
  2. So it's finally happened; both of my LIP-4WM gumstick batteries have died and will no longer hold charge. I see many of the LIP-4WM for sale on ebay and random places, but to my knowledge these are all original run Sony brand and are surely pretty old (bad news for lithium-ion batteries). Does anyone make replacements or equivalents for this battery? I dont care if its some tiny specialty place that charges $100 a pop, just would like to snag a couple of new ones
  3. Hello guys! Can I connect my portable NH700 to an external Amp/DAC using the USB port and/or the headphone out? Will I've an improvement on sound quality instead of without? There are a lot of interesting Amp/DAC out like FiiO Q1, FiiO Q1 Mark II and TOPPING NX2s. I need to buy a new in-ear so here's my question. Thank you!
  4. Anyone have an Onkyo MD-105FX they no longer want? I'm based in Sydney Australia and happy to pay postage from anywhere in the world.
  5. Hey folks. I'm head-banging again. Any creative input would be sincerely appreciated. I apologize for the long post, but I've tried quite a bit before asking for help. Background: I had SS 4.3 working fine with my MZ-RH1 on the old PC (Windows XP, SP3). Then it crashed. The hard disk was still fine, so I bought a new Windows 8 machine and added the old hard drive. Great, I can copy between the old E: drive and the new C: drive. So far, so good. I was excited to find SS 4.3 Ultimate on the forum here, and installed it on the new drive. Connected the RH1 to the USB drive and Win 8 started working with it, no problem. I use the RH1 for voice recordings, using Hi-MD. Problem: But SS 4.3 Ultimate won't let me play the files in my library! When I try to play one, error message says: Cannot play this track because its licensing information cannot be retrieved. For more information, contact the source from which you received this track. (000084e0) What source? Me?! The RH1? OK, so then I try to set this copy protection thing straight. Importing the files from the old drive didn't work. So I copied them to a new folder on the new drive and pointed SS to the new folder. Same error. Then I uninstalled & reinstalled SS. Same error. I selected all the files and tried using SonicStage’s command Tools > Convert format to convert all the files in the library to ATRAC3plus 352 kbps files. I unchecked the copy protection box to remove copy protection from each file as it was processed. But the “Result” window that appeared after the files were processed said: Conversion to OpenMG Audio (ATRAC3plus) 352 kbps. A file conversion error prevented some of the files from being converted. The following files were successfully converted to the OpenMG Audio (ATRAC3plus) format. 2011-10-12 17:48:52 [Note: This file (with a time stamp for a name) is the only file that got converted?! It's one of my recordings, just like the others, except out of the whole friggin' library, this is the ONLY file I can play using SS! Then the message continued:] Playback is not allowed. The file format may not be supported by SonicStage. [Followed by a list of every other file in the library other than the one listed above] Next, I optimized the database. No help, although SS seems to open faster. Next, I ran the SS File Conversion Tool. This is the one that you have to close SS to complete. But the last screen that shows after running says: The conversion is complete. Some tracks could not be converted. Note: Tracks to be converted are the tracks recorded as ATRAC format and imported from CDs. Tracks purchased from a music service (EMD service) will not be converted. The digital recorded tracks recorded by Hi-MD or some Memory Stick supporting devices cannot be converted. Then I clicked the “Details” button, and saw a list of files that failed to be converted (a list of my files, which were recorded on the MZ-RH1). A big fat help that tool is, since the only files I've ever used SS for are the ones I've uploaded from the RH1, using Hi-MD discs! Any ideas? I'm dumbfounded.
  6. I have a question for the experts.This was posted some time ago in a different forum but I didn't get any replies. This has been driving me crazy ever since mp3 cd's were conceptualized and adopted. Now most Compact DIsc players/DVD players have this capability. But there has always been a flaw and hindrance as far as the MiniDisc's compatibly with said MP3 CDs. Someone PLEASE give me your thoughts or ideas. Or perhaps an answer (Steven...cough cough cough). Read below to understand exactly what my problem is: I prefer to record optically from a CD to the MD in HI-SP mode or Linear PCM, rather than connecting the machine to a PC and transferring tracks from Sonicstage to the MD disc. For some reason it sounds better like this to me. I was over a friends house and they had a lot of music on their computer that I liked. So I quickly installed Sonicstage on their computer and burned 38 songs to a CD in MP3 format. I didn't have my RH-10 with me so I had to burn an actual CD. When I got home I put the CD in my Sony CD/DVD Changer Model# DVP-NC655P that is capable of playing MP3 CD's. The quality surprisingly sounded very acceptable. Next I attempted to start the recording with the optical in attached and the RH10. BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE DREADED AND LOATHSOME NO DIGITAL COPY MESSAGE!!!!!!!! WHY WHY WHY WHY????? THIS DOESNT MAKE ANY SENSE!!!! If I were to re-burn THOSE EXACT TRACKS to a standard audio cd, they would record to the RH-10 just fine....WTF!!!!!!!????????? Does anyone know a way around this rather than re-burning multiple audio CD's containing all the songs packed on the MP3 disc and recording optically from them? What a waste of blank CD media!!!!!!!!!!! I am baffled as to why I can record a FACTORY COPY PROTECTED CD and upload it to any computer unlimited times, but an MP3 CD wont record at all due to some kind of SCMS (Serial Copy Management System). Retarded! What a joke...... Does sonicstage encode MP3 cd's with some kind of SCMS that a normal LOSSLESS CD burned and copied doesn't have for some reason?? Would the RH10 allow the recording from MP3 CD if I burned them with another program? Or are all MP3 cd's played with a Sony CD player flagged with copy protection to the MD? Anyone's help is greatly appreciated! Thanks for the input, Sean
  7. Sony MZ-RH1 for sale ! LIKE NEW ! Hi, I am now selling one of my Sony MZ-RH1 walkman, since I dont really need it (I have 1 more). It have been used MAXIMUM 3 hours, it have no scratches and is working perfect. Included is original package, manuals, remote and headphones (which has never been used). Original reciept is also included from Mediamarkt in Germany. I can post here from Denmark anywhere in Europe at 30 EURO, and we can use Paypal for your safety of payment. This is the best MD ever made from Sony I think, it plays and records all MD formats and is very very rare now. Grab the bargain. 500 EURO or best offer over 400 EURO. First come first serve ! These units go for over 6-700 EURO now when they are hardly used ! PS: Also check my other adpost of the Onkyo MD-133 here: Contact email: peter_marquardsen@yahoo.com Peter, Denmark
  8. A bit too late on this one: http://victoria.en.craigslist.ca/ele/4575562872.html The problem being you have about 24 hours. I almost managed to pull it off but I am too far away myself. The lucky person would have to live on Vancouver Island at the least. The items listed are nothing short of amazing..... Stephen
  9. I own a lot of Japanese music and transferring my .wavs to my MZ-RH1 from my Japanese market VAIO used to copy over the Japanese characters so they could be read both in the x-appli menu connected device track list and on the remote of the MZ-RH1 itself. My Japanese VAIO recently died and I bought an Australian VAIO. Have X-appli installed on that now and it displays my Japanese .wavs with full track information in Japanese but won't copy over the Japanese track data to my MZ-RH1. It just displays "????" instead both on screen in the connected device track list and on the remote. Is there any work around for this so I can get full kanji and kana on my Hi-MDs again? Good to be here btw, got my first MD walkman in '95, went to the darkside in '05 with an ipod, it made me hate music, I threw it into the ocean and went straight back to MD. Haven't looked back!
  10. I have an mz-rh1 already i was looking for a HI-MD unit with a Optical in and takes a AA battery i hate the gumstick kind of battery I dont mind the AA
  11. It is in perfect condition, there are only mz-rh10 and 80min md disc Price: 265 USD, including shipping. but i without paypal fees. I can send it to worldwide with secured and confirmed paypal account. Also i've sony ecm-ms907 stereo mic: 50 USD for it 1 gb sony hi-md media: 1 sony used: it is priced 20 USD 1 sony new, unopened box: 40 USD
  12. Hello friends, Has anyone noticed the striking crappiness of MP3 files transferred "as-is" to a HI-MD? Meaning rather than converting the MP3 file to Atrac3Plus, the RH-10 can transfer MP3's with no conversion and play them back. I am confused as to why the native format of an MP3 file sounds horrible compared to the same file converted to a different format? An MP3 converted while transferring to the HI-MD Atrac3Plus 352kbps sounds amazing compared to if you just simply transferred the MP3. I don't understand why, it makes no sense to me that it would sound better as the originating file is the MP3. I'm assuming it has something to do with the playback on the MD unit (using an RH-10 for the comparison) Can anyone enlighten me? Input is appreciated! Thanks, Sean
  13. Hello everyone, I'm just waiting for my MZ-RH10 to come, so I wanna gear up I was wondering if maybe one of you got a couple of 1gb Hi-MD discs u wish to sell or anything, since I wanna start recording my early demos (I play guitar, bass and kind of sing). And also... I would like to find a nice 'binder' (holder or whatever it's called. If anything, lemme know Thanks in advance, ~Enzo Heavenly PS: Also looking for a nice backlit remote for it PS #2: The attached pictures are an idea of what I'm looking for
  14. I've recently come back into using minidiscs after an hiatus of a few years and invested in RH1 and NH700 Hi-Md portables. I was wondering if anyone has compared using a portable HI-MD unit for importing mp3 files from a PC (I use Win XP) through SonicStage (I'm using v4.3 ultimate release 2, generally with NetMD LP2 mode) with one of the later NetMD decks, such as the JB980 or JE780 - is there a significant difference in the speed of transfer or any other factors favouring the use of the Hi-MD units for recording. I appreciate that that the Mp3 to ATRAC conversion by SonicStage may not be ideal and i've also used the MP3 - Nero CD image - MD Simple Burner route. A lot of the music I want to put on to minidisc is 40's-50's Jazz, so I don't have any issue with the the sound quality using the direct Mp3-SonicStage conversion. Thanks, Clive
  15. Dear specialists well I am new to using a forum, but I use MiniDiscs for more than 5 years now as a mini sound interface: For recording my band and meanwhile also for recording the sound of the work shops I am filming. Until now I didn't see any possibility to add to a forum like this, because I simply do not have the theoretical knowledge. But now I am asking you urgently for your help in my case, even without any input from my side in advance I used a Sony Hi-MD Walkman MZ-RH1, a Sony Hi-MD (1 GB) and a standard Sony MD (80 Min) for recording - both MDs were formatted as Hi-MDs in advance. Recording and saving of the tracks after the work shop went fine. A few months after the record, unconscious of what I was doing, I formatted these 2 (Hi-)MDs ("Menu" --> "Edit" --> "Format"), although the very important material from my work shop roll was still on them. I hadn't digitalised the material yet, but only right after formatting them, I realised what I had done They had contained the sound of the PA, on which the two clip-on microphones (Lavaliers) of the speakers were amplified. Now I am left with the sound of my directional camera microphone. In this case 10m away from the speakers, with an occasionally coughing lady sitting in the audience... right in front of my camera I did not do anything else to the MDs after that happened. So my question is are the tracks still on them? And if yes, is there a way to undelete/unformat/recover and extract them to my hard drive (at this moment without thinking about the cost that is related to this process!)? In hard drive unformatting this is possible, since the bits and bytes are only set to be overwritten when formatting a hard drive, but entirely left as they were. Since I read that Hi-MDs are encrypted, nothing seems to be possible in my case. TOC cloning might also not help. But I invoke all of you guys, if there is anyone out there who has an idea to what the solution to my problem seems to be please help me in this situation. The thing is that I only have 1 or 2 weeks time to solve this problem. Otherwise the customer has to live with a record for a DVD pressing of 300+ pieces like this. So "Help! I need somebody. Help! Not just anybody. Help! You know I need someone. Help!" like the Beatles would say.. In advance, I must say thank you a lot and that you guys are doing a phenomenal job in an area that should gain much more awareness since MiniDisc is a quite neat interface. Best greez - Melodo
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