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  1. I am looking for uncirculated live recordings, or bootlegs if you wish to call them that way.
  2. Dear Lawrence, what a great movie. It was a real pleasure to watch it with my headphones. Also the filming and editing was very appealing. So many interesting facts without losing yourself into tech talk. I honour your dedication. All the best for the future
  3. New Live Recording: Amplifier October 2014
  4. If you do not want to watch the entire clip scroll to the end: http://youtu.be/WR4QKAib3sM
  5. A friend of mine told me about a guy selling his RH1. I told him that I was interested and that we should get in touch asap. Just found out today that he sold the unit for 150 Euros. This is an outrage!
  6. Maybe some of you already know this guys channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glNOPEDvD7o&feature=share&list=PL7E66BA92B8194A57&index=8
  7. Both sfpb and MDietrich, thank you for your comments. I will take your suggestions into account in terms of the battery related problem. First I will recharge my gumsticks using the special charger which a friend of mine will borrow. Second i check the connections and may fix the compartment doors using the copper foil. If all of that wont help for any of my units the problem might be the unit itself. Another hint for that can be that the same ticking sound problem appears when there is no gumstick inserted and the unit runs on the charger. I'll keep you updated since i might not be the only one experiencing those problems.
  8. Thank you for your suggestion. The contacts are fine and for most units there is no corrosion. The problem is: when I fully charge a gumstick in my black R90 it works perfectly fine in that unit. When I change the same gumstick to the R55, R91 or R900 the unit will behave like I said before.
  9. Sold the following units to make room for new ones:
  10. There must be some sort of virus spreading among my Sony units. As a matter of fact not only the R91 but also the R900, as well as the two R55s showed the same sympton today. The problem lies in the battery level which as for the old gumsticks is constantly low regardless of the level displayed. Since I am pretty fed up with recharging and re-checking the malfunctioning gumsticks I decided to only run my units on the battery packs from now on. So the ticking sound must be a result of the unit trying to get into the load mode without having enough power from the gumstick battery.
  11. No. Except for Victor which released blanks in 2013. Credits to our forum member Sescoscuba for his research on that: https://sites.google.com/site/crazyforminidisc/the-earlier-period-1992---1995-blanks/year-2013
  12. What do you mean by "servo hitting the spot?"
  13. Thank you for your answer. I checked the contacts. Those are fine. Like I said, that ticking sound also appears when there is no battery inserted and the unit runs on the AC charger.
  14. Its was just recently that my R91 started to behave weird. When trying to start the unit with the charger plugged in nothing but a gentle tick appears. Also the unit does not recognize or reload any of my fully charged gumstick batteries (which have been reloaded using my other R90s). It won't even make that ticking sound on battery power. When using the battery extension pack the unit works fine. The ticking noise might be the key to the problem. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  15. I can recommend the following: Sony MZ-R3, Sharp MD-SR50 and Sharp MD-MT15. The last two are relatively easy to find on Ebay. Solid body and good sound.
  16. Yesterday I was able to record a vessel passing by along with some cheering gulls. As I found out its actually quite relaxing. Not just the sound you record but the whole process of standing there trying to be quiet while you concentrate on the sounds. As soon as I have decent microphone with an extension cable I'll be out there again. This time without the noisy MD drive messing up the record.
  17. Very nice video and even better sound. I am looking forward to the entire video. That might have been the right motivation to do some new field recordings on my own.
  18. Hello Brian, thank you for your offer, but I am more interested in Live Recordings and Bootlegs. Best, Mosaic
  19. Here's an article I came across featuring Derek Morris and his use of Minidisc. http://www.boat-mag.com/2012/12/28/dj-derek/
  20. Make sure to check on Ebay Uk for good prices on pre-recorded MDs.
  21. Leaving korean alcohol aside, I must admit that your MDs look stunning in every single way!
  22. Hello everybody, there is not much going on lately in terms of the trade of live records and bootlegs, so I try to get this back to life. I am offering exclusive live material from the following bands that was actually recorded by me and not ripped of the internet. None of the recordings have been shared digitally over the internet. Genesis Govt Mule Riverside Kadavar There will be some field recordings using the Tascam and the MZ R50 as well (see picture below). For more information on the records and trade offers please pm me. The bands above should give you pretty good idea about the music I am into. Best, Mosaic
  23. 1. 23 2. No 3. I give them a go every once in a while to check on their condition. Most units are solely bought to become a part of my collection. 4. I record every type of music onto Minidisc (new and old) 5. Yes 6. Never used Minidisc before I started using the format 2 years ago 7. I associate Mindisc with the time when I was able to organize my music by hand instead of going through my harddrive
  24. Thank you. I was able to get a better picture while it was bright outside.
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