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    How do I burn a minidisc to make it play on older players? I have a new md player. I want the MD to play on an older player. I know it's possible because I have this classical music om md that came with an old player. I burned an md and all it says is avls and then there's silence.
  2. you can torrent an offline version. NOTE by admin: the version in our downloads section IS an offline version. Perhaps the only reliable one.
  3. I haven't labeled them all yet but here's some so far :-)
  4. I have an older MD player that doesn't record, it just plays. And when I record an MD to listen to it says avls and then is silent while time is rolling. How can I record an MD that's going to play on it? I take it that the music has to appear to the player as a "genuine" prerecorded minidisc.
  5. Hard to say. Do you know anyone who is smart with soldering? I recommend that person, or an electronics repairman, orrrrr yourself if you are fearless. The stuff still feels like the wave of the future but I have to keep reminding myself how old this stuff really is. And most of it was NOT made to self destruct. So it has lasted really well but I guess there will be some odd breaks here and there. One easy thing to do is to look into the headphone jack for debris. Try to clean it out with a canned air duster. Also if you are brave, try to open it enough to look for a broken wire leading away from the jack on the inside. It might be a solder issue also. I'd say the easiest fix if possible is to use the line out jack if the player has one. Or,... maybe eBay a new one? I bet someone out there also has to have good advice? Or.... as silly as it sounds... try turning the volume up or look for any kind of weird function the player has... it try a different MD or think about any kind of possible user error before tearing that sucker open just to avoid any self face-palming or lost cash/equipment.
  6. nah, do it the hard way, follow your heart!
  7. I bought a hollow Duo chip, that will house a 64 gb micro SD. >
  8. I'm game - who wants to do it?
  9. I could record some miscelaneous bands on my md and send it your way - would you be up for a mail trade? like, local bands, not download either
  10. The PSP is an amazing tool. I really love it. I Think the little discs are neat. I like the camera attachment. I paid for all of that stuff and have stacks of games. But: Why is there an app section but no apps for the PSP? Why have skype but not add the video function? The PS VITA looks neat, but HAS NO PORT FOR DISCS! All of my games have to be downloaded (paid for) AGAIN!!!!! AND - there's no discount on downloaded games .. Download only systems will never really be fully popular because - it's totally FULL price for all games forever, even for the unpopular ones. Not only that, but why do I want to carry around a pocket full of micro SD cards that represent video games, smaller than my finger nail? It feels ridiculous in many ways, and there's no door to protect the game. bump it wrong - WOOSH game flies out. Why change things that work, why not make things work, A lot of these complaints are reasons the PSP go didn't fly. The discs are phased out, will it hurt the PS VITA? maybe. I don't get the name either, what is a VITA? When I say vita I think FILA and soccer, kind of drives me away from the portable system. The one and sole reason I MIGHT have to buy it (extortion) is the video game persona 4. wish I could download it for the PSP and be done without spending another 300 bucks. plus - download only games will ALWAYS be synonymous with worthless / FREE APPS intended for ten second fun and throw away... I'm sorry SONY official crew - it's tough love. I like the tech - but come on - let's work together! We could use some open discourse with us all to come up with better choices.
  11. Two things to ask: 1 - Why did the newest version of Sony Sonic Stage (4 something) self destruct? I had to find edited versions that had all the download data no longer available on the sony server. 2 - why cancel sonic stage? Why Why Why when it hosts ALL THE ABILITIES of the minidisc line... >:-|
  12. Far as I'm concerned, a lot of people may be saying goodbye to Minidiscs altogether. But let me tell you this... LOOK AT EBAY - This stuff is flying like hotcakes! I love minidiscs and I think it will live on long after the production is over. The few setbacks are that there is no support for windows 8 and you HAVE to use SONY SONIC STAGE. Two bummers, but I can see past that for the novel enjoyable custom minidiscs. They're the future that never was, sadly.
  13. I really enjoy minidiscs. What I've been doing is converting my favorite albums to minidisc, and since a person can't go to the store and buy albums, or sticker shapes for the discs, I've been printing my stickers from the local copy store. Here's some cool stuff I made What do you think?
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