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  1. Thanks for the replies. OK, I see there is interest. I will try to get some good pictures up ASAP. As far as prices go I figure buyer would pay shipping to keep things fair? just offer me something reasonable that you can afford for the items you want. worst I can say is "no" right?
  2. Long story short, I need to get rid of most if not all of my Minidisc gear. Not sure where this should be posted but I figured Id see if there is any interest here. Id much rather sell to true MD enthusiast for reasonable prices than to Ebay snipers that will mark up and re-sell it. so here is what I have: over 100 Blanks, new still in shrink wrap. (60/70/80min no Hi-MD) over 200 used MDs, with Music on them. (60/70/80min no Hi-MD) mostly Drum&Bass but other Electronic/Abstract Genres. some 90s Hip hop & Metal as well. MZ-M200 (same as RH-1) - good condition, fully functional, battery holds a good charge and has a nice an bright screen. comes with charger 2 x MXD-D3 - one new in box, one used in excellent condition. (no remotes, Manuals, etc) 2 x MZ-R50 - one new in box, one used and only comes with generic charger (no battery, etc) MZ-R90 - from Japan, Near mint in box. Many other portables some from Japan some from USA, various remotes 2 having backlights. New Sony & used generic gumstick batteries to go with them. If there is a real interest I can take several pictures, so let me know if you are interested? MZ-M200 MZ-R50 MZ-R90 New Blanks Used MZ-R50 Used MZ-R37 Used MZ-E900 Used MZ-E50 MZ-EP11
  3. I like my MXD-D3 so much I bought a back up. I don't use the 4X recording Though. I just record 1:1 speed (SP mode) and listen to the Album as I enter in the track names. The sound quality of ATRAC 4.5 is Perfect in my opinion. I simply can not tell a difference between listening to the Original CD vs the recorded MD using my 2.1 setup from the RCA out or my ATH-M50 headphones plugged into the jack in the front of the MXD-D3. for reference: my ears can tell the difference between 320kb/s & 256kb/s MP3 but not 320kb/s MP3 and CD I like this unit since it can be found for "cheaper" than MXD-D40, etc. Also Its very nice for the space savings (since it has both CD & MD decks in one Unit) plus the Big screen & controls are way easier to use vs Portables.
  4. That was simply Amazing.... Thanks for sharing
  5. Glad they fit and everything worked out! I'll be getting a second one soon as my collection of blanks is growing. Not sure whats up with the link in the OP. I'll change it to the one in your post. I did post a actual picture of the UPC in the OP since we are all in different countries etc. wasn't sure what stuff would translate to? the UPC says "0.3 litre organizer" I still haven't found a use for the little boxes yet Hah!
  6. yeah... I pretty much refuse to sell anything worth over $100 on there. not only do you get taxed like crazy, eBay has become a place where Buyers can screw over sellers and petty much get away with it with out consequence. thats really cool! I never owned a HI-MD... and to buy one now on eBay would just be insane.... $30 or more for used ones? I never even actually seen them in the states. Minidisc had lost all its momentum over here well before the HI-MD came to market. I was however able to get a Used MZ-M200 on eBay for a reasonable price but sadly it dint come with any HI-MDs.
  7. Still selling all this stuff OP?
  8. They are awesome! I will be getting a 2nd one soon to store all my blanks I've been buying up recently. I figure you can comfortably store 128 MDs with cases, (8 x 16) sideways with label facing out. Or 256 MDs with out cases stacked normally like in the picture in the OP (16 x 16). technically you can fit more but They are hard to get out if do that.
  9. cool, thank for the replies. I'm pretty much limited to eBay (sadly...) as Minidisc was never really popular in the states let alone in my area. I never see any gear around at local pawn shops ect... Even around 2005 I still had people randomly ask what me "what is that?" when referring to my Music collection. Even at the formats peak in the states (around the early 2000s), I was lucky to find a section Blanks at my local Big name Electronics stores. All that was ever stocked was a few 5 packs of the the Sony color collection and Maxell gold. I dont even think i seen a portable aside from the MZ-N505 & MZ-N510 until I got an eBay account. Its like you would think i lived on a secluded island or something instead of a major City.
  10. What decks & portables models are most recommended? My only deck right now is a (basically new) MXD-D3. Just got it off eBay last week, literally not a single scratch and the display is super bright. I never owned one but I wanted one soooo bad in the early 2000s. My original Deck was the MDS-JE320, I got back in 97 or 98 which just finally died, despite my best efforts to repair it. The Issue was grinding gears and eject problems. It played & recorded fine though. This however is one reason im scared to invest in more "Decks". Ideally i think they are better for recording with stronger lasers but the complex loading mechanisms likely failures make me lean toward the portables, but on the other side of things the portables cons are weaker lasers and motors due to size constraints. I am with you on SP. the only MDLP unit i "had" was a MZ-N505. Personally I thought anything but SP sounded like crappy MP3s And as far a HI-MD goes... i have no experience with the 1 GB MDs. I did grab a MZ-M200 strictly for backing up some of my irreplaceable MDs to my PC (which kind of re-spawned the MD format into my life) but I have no urge to start down the HI-MD road for compatibility & cost reasons. sorry not trying to ramble... ive been looking for blanks. best price i can find is on ebay. $18 shipped for a 10 pack of the 74min Neige made by Sony. they are boring, but they seem to do the job.
  11. Like many of you, I have decided that Minidisc is a format thats useful for one reason or another. With that in mind I've been buying some MD players, MD recorders and Blank MDs for the hopes that I can continue to use the format for many years to come. The mechanical and electronic complexity of these MD units are mind blowing. needless to say im scared 20-40yrs from now some or all of these MD units may not even work due to age, ware & tear, etc. Obviously aside from buying the most recent model (MZ-M200) I have been looking into getting some MD units that might have a bit more robust. The MZ-R50 & MZ-R37 seem to get praise for being tank like. I have a handfull of random units I found for cheap on eBay but at this point im woundering if buying 1 or 2 specific models over and over as I come across them is a better idea. Im doubting a "comeback" for MD like vinyl had. So I think it might be smarter to buy up some of the most reliable models, use them till they all start breaking and then repair them as they break with other broken donor units. Ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions?
  12. thats funny. here in the states they were never really popular. you could buy blanks at Best buy but that was about it. never really seen any books or shelf's for MD storage. im surprised i found something that fit them so perfect. 17 MDs fit in each section easy, but i have trouble getting them out that way. looking at these pics, i REALLY need to re-label these lil guys. they have been thru soooooo Much. they by far are the most durable Storage media. my brother is studding in Japan right now. he said this store by his school has new blanks for $1 US ea. sitting next to VHS & cassettes. i told him to take pics for me. regardless im probably going to buy them all up. lol
  13. Hey guys i just wanted to share something I found yesterday. i have been looking for a way to neatly store my somewhat large collection of minidiscs. as you know there weren't many options to begin with and today there are even less as most have been bought up. to add insult to injury, i no longer have any of the protective cases that came with my Minidiscs so most of the regular solutions wouldn't really work for me anyway. then i found this: http://www.reallyusefulproducts.co.uk/usa/html/onlineshop/rub/b00_3litreOrg.php (updated link Jan-21-2014) thanks sfbp here is the UPC: you can fit 16 MDs tall without cases. they will also fit sideways with the cases! (but i dont know how many) total you can fit 256 MDs without cases in this arrangement! hope this help someone out. they literally fit perfect in this thing and you will have 16 lil organizer boxes left over to store and organize other random whatnot.
  14. IT totally was the answer i was looking for THANK YOU!!! i have one more question that i hope doesn't drive this thread into a people butting heads.... for Archiving purposes (from MDs) which is better PCM or Atrac? i tried getting my awnser here: but i failed to find it.... basically what im asking is does the Atrac format keep the MD original recording as close to what was captured on the MD? i mean in a way PCM is a different language, right? does the conversion become "lossy" in anyway? Bigger isnt always better? as Atrac has a higher Bit width per kbps right? sorry if its a n00bish question. i just recently pulled these MDs out of storage and until just now have been pretty uneducated about the technical side of things. i just ripped 1/2 my MDs using RCA cable till i got a CD player with Optical out. most of that was done in the 90s before i had internet etc. thanks for the help. i find it awesome that this forum is still active, not to mention the amount of stuff ive learned in the last week reading on here!
  15. ahh ok. thanks for the quick reply. yea i have that box checked. i open the .wav in cool edit pro and then just save the file as a Mp3 @ 320/44100. then re-enter the Metadata with MP3tag (awesome lil program). well thanks. ill check out foobar.
  16. Hey guys. im sure this has been asked before, and yes i did search Google and here. but i cant seem to find a easy way to get Mp3s out of my old MDs. long story short, my 250ish minidisc are the only physical media i have from my teenage years and i want really badly to convert them to MP3. since a lot of it is olschool Drum&Bass Jungle that had low print. i literally cant re-find them on CD or download. so this is really my only option to get them off the MD format. after stalking ebay for a few weeks and finally getting a MZ-RH1. im ready to roll. i have successfully installed the Modded version of SonicStage thats hosted on this form (thanks for that BTW) and im able to rip from my the MD player to my PC. only issue is im not finding a easy method for getting MP3s out of the deal. i have it set to convert to .wav etc and then i convert those files with Cool edit Pro into MP3s. it takes for ever.... then i have to use MP3tag to re-add the metadata etc... am i missing something? is there a easier way? i did try to make a "Mp3 audio CD" from the ripped files in SS but it always gives me an error. if that worked id be in heaven. i also tried making a "audio CD" (also would be a answer) but it loses the metadata and the track separation is off by bit. thanks for any help you can give.
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