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  1. xispe

    Sony MZ-R37

    End Search rocks!
  2. xispe

    Hi-MD, Bye-MD?

    Minidisc is still be a great format for me, and i intend to keep using it.
  3. Audiophiles, ABX testers, enjoy this one: The ten biggest lies in audio
  4. wow! that looks very cool! nice job!!
  5. maybe that buffalo unit plays mp3 better than rh10! I WOULD ROLL ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING IF THAT HAPPENED!
  6. ahahah! another good one! ... damn! :|
  7. I still record lots of stuff in real sp with my nh700. (in realtime using digital optical output). The quality is great (atrac type-r) and sound just great on my car head unit. SP rocks!
  8. ahahhahaha! nice one! "January 2005: Kenwood have ceased production of MiniDisc products" nice find!
  9. what a heck ? wasn't mp3 recording at 128 kbps part of the specifications ? the sony guys were actually selling that...
  10. hey! I don't want a new unit... i just want my money back!
  11. well... in fact i beleive these are unit related problems. I've had lots of problems with 1gb discs... somehow I managed to recalibrate my unit using the service mode. It was a heck to do it, i had previous experience with my mz r70 in this auto adjustment mode, so after a few days i was able to figure it out. It's something that i don't recomend to anyone, since we still don't have service manuals available for the units... After clearing the NV i had my nh700 completely dead for a few days. I've managed to recover it back, restoring some service mode values that i've read in a list made by the user aiox and running successfuly all the auto adjustment modes. After that i had no problems reading and writing 1gb discs. There was one particular disc that was almost full of errors, and with this adjustment i was able to fill it in, and copy the data back, and all the bits were in the right place (md5 hash checked!) So, just a thought... i think that some units aren't properly adjusted, not the discs that are defective.
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