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  1. there you go bearboy https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/194941022121?hash=item2d6363efa9:g:SNUAAOSwrIxiQID0
  2. fingers crossed for a well done on that kevin
  3. drive main body is no good now, once thyat clip at the back is broken it is fubar'ed you will have to send it back also you have the kit to make a good one out of the pair of them choices choices
  4. the difference is between analogue and coaxial, the jb's dac is better than the marantz i believe, and when used this way it shows, bye the way a cd63se is a good choice aswell. ive also used a denon dcd 825, the results were a little closer with that one as they use burr brown dac's, they are decent price just now, they have variable output adjusted with the remote, if thats missing you would need to use a programmable one as the default volume is not the loudest position. these are old but good girls and now are getting age related issues eg laser, which are cheap and plentiful, denon used a sony and marantz uses a phillips type, the 5v regulator can go bad an the marantz, easy fix, symptom of that is no switch on. they dont make them like they used to, these are better built than todays rubbish.
  5. got the marantz cd63 ki connected to a jb930 via coaxial, made quite a bit of a difference, with marantz players you could have either option, coaxial or optical have you liberated the 480 from the combination thingy you got a bit back kevin
  6. watch that space, he might be going for the full set, 920 and 930 next then he is going to take out a mortgage to get a 980 !!!!
  7. the 980 was 100 quid years ago, the other jb's were 35 to 60 quid all bar one spares or repair, well it was but in the end nowt wrong with it, a 940 owes me 100 quid as thats the one that was first and i learned what not to do with that, and the other shall i say more basic models were 15 to 35 quid again spares or repair including a 520 and s50 that i broke for spares as both were knackered on the outside. and around 250 quid for the 930 that i bought new 20 odd years ago which was sold to buy the 980 in around 2009.
  8. nice but another mortgage required or for the seriously rich https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144229389976?hash=item2194bdd698:g:LuUAAOSwnFBhWI6f
  9. another bank loan item https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203630204674?hash=item2f694e5702:g:6yIAAOSwdxFhUvOB
  10. 909 is a good quality portable. brushed aliminium and all that, got mine when they were cheap about 15 years ago, came with all the bits and some discs and i dont think it was much more than 20 quid for the lot. as for 940's kevin a guy bought a remote for one on ebay recently for 50 quid, gives you an idea where they are at, but quality machine non the less. ive bought 440/470's for 30 quid spares or repair, mostly its just the belt, a 980 for that is a total steal and still cheap even if you bought one of those (4), i mean 980 drives that are popping up, as 980's can go for lots of cash
  11. nope seems ok just now
  12. having said all that i missed a total bargain here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/294421039472?hash=item448cdc8970:g:BowAAOSwSNFhUG5t
  13. and 470's also not far behind, the only cheap ones now are dare i say it the old not much cop ones, kevin has been quiet, wonder if he has been to the bank to take a mortgage out on that 555es, and use all of his other kit as collateral, you could buy a half decent car for that
  14. and the the previously said about one with the guy selling drives for 980's for a ton a pop, as we all know he wont be scrapping 980's to do that
  15. Its done on a lot of forums where there is a section about items on ebay and comments are made, for example there is a 440 on there just now for 49 quid with c13 and it aint worth that, might strike up a bit more interest, yea or nae
  16. he's got a couple of mz r900's and 909's there aswell, now they are good portables
  17. ok will get back to you when ive tested these, i know the 940 will be spot on, the 440 so so and another 440 that got the 940's original drive that had/has an owh problem
  18. could it be that ive got them all !!!! will have a look at that thread, got that 440 and the previous 940 just sitting there, work's been busy, so havent done full tests on them. i am off this week so will finally get a chance, did put some info in that 940 thread a while back.
  19. no probs, had nowt since that 440 a bit back, looks a bit dried up out there just now, maybe we've got them all, i can side line to fixing hornby trains aswell from time to time, so the mind is occupied on these boring covid style evenings, as one thing i believe on that is stay away from as many people as possible. oh look i am a lance corporal now, rookie
  20. getting to be a serious collection you've got there kevin, getting as bad as all those repaired 470's ive got lying around here
  21. M1JWR


    strangely i have a marantz cd63se and use a mds jb930 as an external dac, the 930 does its own thing aswell, it makes the marantz sound better no end, i was always led to believe that the dac's in sony md decks are exellent to start with, probably one of the reasons why their compressed format sounds better than you think it should.
  22. M1JWR


    the last spares or repair 940 went for 65 quid, probably needed a belt and had no feet, there is a couple of 640's on there just now, they usually go in the £60 area and over a ton fully working, sometimes a 930 can be a bit of a sleeper as no mdlp, a fine machine and in my book the best quality one of the jb series, 980's are a horrendous price for what is essentially a 780 in drag, and well over a ton for a broken one, a 440/470 for 20 to 30 quid needing a belt is a good buy when they crop up, can fetch 60 to 70 fully working especially if the remote is present then possibly more, ahh remotes, thats another crazy price area, then there is the guy selling drives for 980's at over a ton a pop, wow, out of 480's me thinks.
  23. M1JWR


    just keep your eyes open kevin, they do crop up on a well known auction site, the jb's not so much, in that ones case i think the pics of the dodgy owh put a lot off, i see there is a silver 480 on there just now, at that price i wouldent touch it with a ten foot barge pole, its rough and no ams knob, so thats the other end of the scale, its worth about 20 quid !! I see we are being given badges just now, do you think anybody will get a blue peter badge. lol
  24. M1JWR


    it should be titled what have you all been playing with since the spring, for about 2/3 months i diddent bother, then a 940 came up that i couldent resist, it had a very dodgy owh going by the pics, bit broken off it and looked a bit twisted, its been attacked by a numpty for some reason, and ive had a battle with an owh before, and lost !! but for 40 quid inc post i am not complaining, when i got it it was as discribed so i went and got a rough'ish on the outside 440 and put its drive in the 940 and after that the 940 worked spot on, the 440 became the test bed, it was a black bit that was broken down the side, ive strightned up the owh and glued on the broken bit and is now stable in that regard, fortunetly the contacts dont seem to be broken, its a bit unreliable, further testing is on going, the rest of that drive unit is fine, plays no problem. next was 2 mds s50's, spares or repair for not a lot, one had a smashed front, the other ok but missing the ams knob, so the idea there is to resurrect one and break the other for spares, s50's etc are not the type i go for, these are ex bbc, however they have a little secret for those who dont know and the main reason why i bought them, they use mdm7a drive units, very handy and they are both working, main boards and psu's are also ok on both. finally i bought a 440 cheap in good nick with a remote which can sell for as much as what i paid for the whole thing, stuck in standby and a buzzing noise was the discription, belt knackered and hopefully a disc stuck inside, well, no disc as it was half ejected so as somebody was able to get the disc out, this one was a little trickier, first thing was to push eject out manually to see if i could switch it on, not this time, put a new belt on next and see what it does, nope, the buzzing stopped and it went into a constant attempt to switch on loop, next was at the front on the drive there is a micro switch, i put switch cleaner on that and exersised the two little pins that stick up a few times also i dab of grease on the slides on the drive for eject as it was very dry and that seems to have cured that, wonder what the next one will be.
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