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  1. Changed batteries to check, it's now doing the same thing again I'm going to leave it until... well, next Wednesday I guess I did actually try running it directly from the jack on Sunday, it didn't appear to make any difference. You don't know what an Eneloop is?!?
  2. OK - here's the thing. I've had the 707 sitting on the charger stand since I posted this, and today I picked it up and it works. What can I do to make sure it doesn't recur? If it works after a few days of sitting on the charging stand what could be the symptoms? (I happened to have an Eneloop in there, and it was charged)
  3. Cleaned contacts, tried Alkaline, Eneloop, Lithium. No joy - same result. Screen goes a bit dark for a while, then completely off.
  4. I bought an MZ-N707 off ebay a while back, it worked for a while but then one day didn't work. I was looking at the battery terminals and they looked a bit green - so I took the casing off, and sure enough the positive terminal on the battery compartment is corroded, along with some brown marks on the PCB around the side of that. One other thing is that it already had the MZ-N909 'hack' on. When I put in a battery or put in a disc, the display does go a bit dark, but nothing else happens - and then it powers down, just like if you didn't put in a disc into the player but pressed a button. There's no motor noise - just the display going a bit darker. I have cleaned the contacts on the battery terminal but beyond that haven't done anything.. Is it rescuable?
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