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  1. For sure! Here is a video of them all Prices: EH1: $300 (9/10) NH3D: $150 (8.5/10) N707: $100 M10: $200 (10/10) RH1: $450 (10/10) NH1: $300 (10/10)
  2. Dug this out of one of my boxes today and realized this thing needs a good home. I have a Baby Blue Sony MZ-NH3D with all included accessories (Remote, Stand, Battery, and Carrying Case). The overall condition of this unit would be a 9/10. Let me know if anybody is interested. Also have a Silver EH1, Black MZ-RH1, (2) N707 (Blue/silver & Red/black), MZ-M10, and NH1.
  3. It wasn’t long ago that i received most of these players brand new from their respected regions and online. But wanted to update you all and say everything is sold. I want to thank everyone for your purchase and inquiries and I hope that you and these little guys live on forever. Best wishes,
  4. Just a quick update. I wanted to thank those who reached out and purchased as soon as possible. I never expected to sell so fast. Hopefully they are going to good homes where they will be used. Here is my current inventory. RH1 (SOLD) -NH1 (SOLD) -N10 -(2)NH3DS (SOLD) -M10 (SOLD) -EH1 (SOLD) (2) N707S (Black and red SOLD) Still have blue/silver one
  5. All players and units are still available. Need these gone ASAP.
  6. Condition of all of them is 9 out of 10. Reason for giving them 9 out of 10 is because they have all been touched to make the video above. They all work and have their respected remotes, batteries, carrying pouches, boxes, and included Minidisc.
  7. Life changing event and these guys need to go ASAP. -RH1 -NH1 -N10 -(2)NH3Ds -M10 -EH1 (2) N707s All of them are going for $100 a piece feel free to message me .
  8. I just found one on eBay. Should be here next Tuesday.
  9. Yes it was. I’m still on the hunt for more awesome minidisc. If you have any ideas where to look let me know. Thanks for the response.
  10. Yeah minidisc players have came back from the grave strong. All the good models easily go for 400 and up. They are rad little boogers.
  11. The expensive ones are the good ones. Taking a gamble on ones that are considered cheaper. The RH10 is the same way.
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