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  1. Long-time user of the forum since 2005 looking for another Hi-MD portable to add to my collection. If you are looking for a buyer who will lovingly take care of your precious kit, I am your person. Please send me messages to start the conversation! Prefer boxed units with accessories included. Kind regards, Drew
  2. Long-time user of the forum since 2005 looking for another Hi-MD portable to add to my collection. If you are looking for a buyer who will lovingly take care of your precious kit, I am your person. Please send me messages to start the conversation! Kind regards, Drew
  3. Actually, do you not need the cradle to charge. I have an NH1 and have never even used the cradle. I bought a wall charger from eBay specifically for the lip4wm battery and it works well! Link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Multi-voltage-Charger-FOR-SONY-LIP-4WM-Rechargeable-Battery-MZ-NH1-RH1-M200-NH3D-/324033311023?_ul=CO My unit is a little different from the one on the linked page, but I purchased from the same seller. You should contact him.
  4. I have been a long-time browser of this site. I have been a minidisc user since 2004 with the purchase of the MZ-NF610, still my favorite NetMD model by far. One of the things I like most about minidiscs are the cases for the player--I have most of them and just need one to complete my collection. I am especially interested in the Hi-MD portable case (please see picture attached). Does anyone have one available for sale or know where I can purchase one? I would prefer a new cases, but I am also willing to consider cases in like new condition. I am will entertain any reasonable offers and appreciate any responses! I am located in the US, but am willing to pay for international shipping. Thanks, Dynamicdrew
  5. I understand your problem and am seeking a high resolution version of the logo as well. I am making my own minidisc labels and the minidisc logo is quite pixelated and fuzzy. We need to find a high resolution, clear version of the minidisc logo.
  6. I think he meant the service manual--it lists all the error codes. Available on minidisc.org entry for the MZ E10.
  7. Many thanks to those who read this post. I was able to find both rack cards for sale on the internet, one on eBay, the second on a specialty website. Very excited to have both rack cards for my collection!
  8. This link at least confirms its existence: https://www.discogs.com/Céline-Dion-A-New-Day-Has-Come/release/9885788. Create an account and add this minidisc to your want list, and make sure to set your want list up to notify you if someone offers a copy of it for sale.
  9. Hi Louisw, If you search the Sony Insider Minidisc forum thoroughly, you will find the solution to your problem. The main issue is that Windows 10 does not allow the installation of unsigned drivers (especially with the latest update), and the NetMD drivers are of course unsigned. You have to go to the advanced startup menu and disable the signing of drivers, install the NetMD driver and it is will work after that. Here is a link explaining the process (use option 2): https://www.howtogeek.com/167723/how-to-disable-driver-signature-verification-on-64-bit-windows-8.1-so-that-you-can-install-unsigned-drivers/. Good luck! Let me know if you have any more problems!
  10. Hi PhilippeC, I have seen this video and found his process to be quite labor intensive. I have not had a chance to translate your post on the Laserdisc Plaza website. Pedrothelion, I will try to see if I can run the html/css code in Dreamweaver, as it has a wonderful preview mode and is more wysiwyg. I found that you can simply delete the back side of the cover from the html/css code by right clicking "Inspect Element" in Firefox or "Inspect" in Chrome over the entire area of the back cover, then right click on the line of code highlighted when you do this, and select "delete node" in Firefox or "delete element" in Chrome, and no more back cover will appear! This was also how I removed the pixelated Minidisc logo, which I will later replace with a vector version of the Minidisc logo.
  11. After playing around with the html/css on minidisccover.com, I have made a lot of progress in terms of customizing the album covers in the way that I need, resolving many of the issues I mentioned in my last post. The only problems I have when I save to PDF are distortion and I lose the color in the left and middle tables.
  12. Hi Pedrothelion, I just purchased 50 of these cases from Amazon Germany last week! I do have some minor issues with the minidisccover.com website. The main issue for me is the distorted quality of of the minidisc logo because of the small scale size of the case itself. There is also a lot of distortion if I save to PDF instead of immediately printing. It is also annoying that I do not have the ability to match the color of the left and middle parts of the table to the right (main) part of the table. I wish I had the ability to directly enter the color hexcodes to make sure the color matched not only in the front cover but the rear as well. I am learning more about how I can manipulate the covers by right clicking and inspecting the elements. Despite these minor issues, I am grateful for the website, as these disc cases were impossible to find just last year. I have also had issues scaling compact disc sized front and rear covers down to the minidisc case size. I will try to learn how to create the covers in Adobe Photoshop. I am waiting for the cases to arrive so that I can take the proper measurements and lay the covers out in Photoshop.
  13. Philippe C, Many thanks for the links! They answered my question!
  14. Hi, Does anyone know which minidisc blanks are associated with the images below (10MDW74, 2, and 3)? If you would be so kind to upload a photo, I would really appreciate it! I am quite particular about the color collection minidiscs! There seems to be a lot of inconsistent labeling of the product codes for the minidiscs across the internet.
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