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  1. i read in the help section of Sonic Stage that i can import opengm files from a CD and atrac3 CD's but i guess the people who created Sonic stage don't have the idea of what his progam is capable to do is outrageous, now i know why atrc3 didn't take off. thank you for your help greetings
  2. i guess you didn't read well, i recorded my music on CD's (compaq disc) and i want to transfer the music inside those compaq discs to my old computer in WHICH I BURN THESE COMPACT DISCS, the files on the CD's are .ATP extensions and con not be played anywhere except on sony discman devices, VLC is useless in this case
  3. i have a computer with Windows xp that i had not used for several years ago in which i recorded several CD's with ATRAC3 format, days ago i started the computer again and i had to format and reinstall the Windows xp operating system with the original disk that came when i bought the computer, after installing all the necessary to use the computer again i installed sonic stage 4.3 now that i try to modify those CD's and save the music inside of those CD's, it tells me that it isn't the same computer, that i can only modify those CD's in the computer where they were created, but i am in the same computer. how can i solve this problem?
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