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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys Just re-discovered I still have the Sony MZ-RH1 and cleared some dust from it and begin to enjoy it again ;D I wonder which ATRAC version it uses when it comes to MD/LP2/LP4 SonicStage transfers and diect recoding in non Hi-MD modes? bests Stan
  2. i have a computer with Windows xp that i had not used for several years ago in which i recorded several CD's with ATRAC3 format, days ago i started the computer again and i had to format and reinstall the Windows xp operating system with the original disk that came when i bought the computer, after installing all the necessary to use the computer again i installed sonic stage 4.3 now that i try to modify those CD's and save the music inside of those CD's, it tells me that it isn't the same computer, that i can only modify those CD's in the computer where they were created, but i am in the same
  3. ............what we've all been saying (and doing) for years. Sad that Sony didn't become the people's choice. Only themselves to blame for that, and some badly-designed "tests" which happened to favour MP3. http://www.calgaryherald.com/technology/Better+audio+quality+could+next+consumer+demand/9651386/story.html Does this ring any bells for y'all?
  4. I'm using Sonic Stage 4.3 on my XP-Pro computer, connected to my MZ RH-1. The computer has several hard drives. Sonic Stage is installed on Drive C: The drive with my ATRAC files (D:) crashed. Fortunately, I was able to copy the ATRAC file folders & files from the problem hard drive, to a new location with folder(s) on Drive C: I was then able to get Sonic Stage running, and I can play the files and hear them on the computer's speakers. These files were previously copied from my MZ RH-1. I made these recordings. They are not copyrighted or copy protected. (I do not have anyth
  5. Hi guys & gals! I´ve written an article - about MD again - where I describe a tweak to improve sound quality of any MiniDisc unit. This tweak basically describes how to use an equalizer to improve the ATRAC encoding. I really think that the results are spectacular and that they should be shared with anyone else. Enjoy the article! http://marlene-d.blogspot.de/2013/09/spectacular-sounding-minidisc-tweaking.html
  6. sfbp

    DLNA for ATRAC anyone?

    Do y'all know about DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance)? Well, I was looking around for something to manage video files on my network after I discovered that the free product (AllShare) from Samsung crashed under the load of too many files. DLNA has been around as a more-or-less-standard since 2003. It means in principle that someone can write a DLNA client and talk to any DLNA server, or provide a DLNA server that can be used by any DLNA client. This is an improvement on custom solutions because one is not locked in to a single vendor, and because future devices can be supported by inn
  7. Hello friends, Has anyone noticed the striking crappiness of MP3 files transferred "as-is" to a HI-MD? Meaning rather than converting the MP3 file to Atrac3Plus, the RH-10 can transfer MP3's with no conversion and play them back. I am confused as to why the native format of an MP3 file sounds horrible compared to the same file converted to a different format? An MP3 converted while transferring to the HI-MD Atrac3Plus 352kbps sounds amazing compared to if you just simply transferred the MP3. I don't understand why, it makes no sense to me that it would sound better as the originati
  8. My first post here... hope it´s in the correct forum. If not feel free to move it around. I have been reading here a lot lately, my fascination with MD seems to have returned after abandoning it in 2001 for PC based audio. For years after first reading about it I have been curious about Wide Bit Stream and equally curious if my MZ-R 30 would be able to record in 20 Bits. Turns out it can - only from the digital input of course. I´ve written an article about this, complete with measurments and stuff: http://marlene-d.blo...c-wide-bit.html I´d like to have some input as well as exper
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