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  1. Hi DSP, do you mind to share how to open the A1200? thanks
  2. Nobody try before? But I don't know how to open my A1000.
  3. zachtan

    IS MY NW-S706 FAKE?

    I brought S706F in Buy.com and it also don't print the country of Original in the back. But don't worry, mostly it made in Malaysia.Cheers.
  4. I wonder the A1000 is using Microdrive and it should compatible with Normal CF Card. Is it possible to replace it with largest 8GB CF card? Anybody try before?
  5. can it support the album icon?thanks
  6. I still love Legend of Hero~ Nice RPG
  7. zachtan

    NW-A1000 & REMOTES

    the remote already work fine with Version 3.0 Firmware. Cheers
  8. but my A1000 can support for 320K MP3
  9. how Stuge??? I try it b4 but can't work well. Could I need to format it first?TQ
  10. Just hear from A608 member and Mp3 file manager is work in A608.
  11. Do your know how to sort the playlist by Album name for A1000? I had tried at few time, but it can only sort by Song name?
  12. zachtan

    NW-A1000 & REMOTES

    yup, I have it and it only can work on certain (normal) function.
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