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  1. After the release of the NW(Z)-A820 and NWZ-A720 series Walkman, it has been a while that Sony has announced something new. Here are few things that Sony China/Japan have announced together at July Shanghai product conferences. With interest, few speculations were made upon their announcement. PMX-M8 (exclusive Sony Media Xtreme player for China, it evolved from 07 model PMX-M7) July Sony China Audio Product Show M8 M8 in details M86 (4 GB), M88 (8GB) and M89 (16) GB have the following: 4.3 inches TFT Screen (480*272, 18 bit). 30fps. Expandable memory stick duo slot, it is compatible with Memory Stick PRO Duo/Memory Stick PRO Duo Mark2 (Maximum memory 32 GB). High quality sound reproduction with the use of SRS3D, FOCUS, TruBass, High Definition, Centre, Limiter, Speaker Size technologies. Smart Volume Protection, volume will be adjusted accordingly depending on using earphones or loudspeakers. Replay video at the previous stop (20 stopped parts can be stored and accessed) Installed Sony's world map software, China electronic Map database, POI functions. Find your way to any part of China at the palm of your hands. Directional pad can input alphabet from the screen key to search your desired location. PSP style menu Lyric, subtitle, TEXT (*.txt) file and fm radio are all supported In built mic for voice and fm radio recording MP4(Video:MPEG-4 Simple Profile,H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Baseline Profile,Audio:AAC) AVI(Video:MPEG-4 Simple Profile,Audio:MP3) 116.9×74.0×12.7mm, 135g 18 hours of music playback, 6 hours of video playback video setting Following the release of M8, Sony has also released an Atrac Walkman NW-E02XF for China, same model which was sold in Japan. Few things are speculated (just few assumptions and hopes from many Sony fan forums), Sony China/Japan made the first M70 product which supports drag and drop, then drag and drop became common for all Walkman products, is Media player in China not only an exclusive product, but also an experiment of Sony's ideas for audio products? If so, what will be Sony's next release, any new functions added? Will Walkman receive something such as 480*272 resolution, in built map software, SRS3D, FOCUS, TruBass, High Definition, Centre, Limiter, Speaker Size technologies. (Though Walkman already has Clear Audio, Clear Bass ect). Will Atrac Walkman return to other parts of the world? since China is already receiving Atrac Walkman now. Map menu English search Chinese Pinyin system search Zoom in and out POI Route planning Many Chinese electronic review sites have tested the SQ of M8 using Right Mark Audio Analyzer. I will copy the graphs and results here soon. Sound wise, it scored the grade of "Very good" on the RAA test. Total review of M8 is 15 pages, covering every aspect of the player including actual photos, so I will copy soon the interesting parts.
  2. So far all of these Non Atrac Walkmans do not support gapless playback. It's indeed one of the impressive features, what a pity
  3. That's a very normal Sony australia style price, normally they are just this crazy, they give you a non bt walkman NWZ-A729 for $400 AUD, that's a huge amount of money for only A720 standard walkman, their crazy price has always turned people off, plus their bad service, limited knowledge on the products etc, therefore people may as well just go ahead with cheaper ipod, which is the reality in down under anyway
  4. Only the japanese model NW-A820 series will have noise cancelling unit built in and atrac The one you are reading is a non atrac walkman NWZ-A820, it does come with a good pair of stock earphones and Sony has made certain bundle for the product to have bt phones, if you just buy the player itself, then normally it just comes with the player and stock earphones. NWZ-A720 has all the same look and specs, but it doesn't have the bt function. Both players will not have any noise cancelling functions, unless you buy NC phones such as NC22. Also in other countries Sonystyle offers NWZ-820 and bt phone deal online (Asia), for australia.....well that's long wait until the player itself comes to down under, like few months, A826K (4GB) will be released here in Australia-June, this includes bt walkman and bt earphones (K means such deal), you just have to wait or import
  5. Thanks again Stuge for the message, photobucket sure does load fast and provide the links for different purposes too.
  6. Thanks everyone for the suggestion, I am not very good at posting pics and I have tried photobucket, hopefully they do appear.....if not I will try again, I have also attached some A800, A910, A820 pics together, three A series brothers, pretty hardwares from Sony again. There was the rumor of A280 sq to be worse than other A players, which is now to found nothing but rumor, however now there are more people reporting the hold button on A280 is kind of loose....so I hope nobody in here will have the same problem.
  7. what a relief for all these cultures and languages to be related and known in many similar aspects, though I am aware that differences for them do co-exist as well, it is easier for people at least to learn the language part, hopefully I get the time in the future to pick some up
  8. From Sony japan perspective they have never intended to do a japan only walkman that supports Chinese, but from a user perspective it supports Chinese because users see Chinese on that (people who can read Chinese). So I am only talking about it from the user side. Both Chinese and Japanese are not my native language, but I am very interested in them and that's actually the research thesis for my graduation on the over view of Chinese and Japanese literature and culture interaction, development and dynamics. So I definitely take an interest for any native Chinese or Japanese thoughts, cause that can be useful to my topic So far I have a principal supervisor (Chinese) and a secondary supervisor (Japanese) from Asian Language Department in my uni at Sydney, so I get two sides of the story. My understanding from Western references and supervisors is that Chinese gave a very needed fundation for Japanese culture and literature (more than just Chinese characters), but Japanese during the early 1900 influenced many great Chinese writers and intellectuals such as Lu Xun, shen congwen, etc, thus many writers actually came back from japan after study and brought many new thoughts to China, which sadly it failed to exert any effective impact on China, it didn't bring any reality driven changes to the country, was it fate or was it just the culture itself starting to show its negative restriction consequences and the missing of future driven actions and ideas. Also Japan is known well for modifying existing ideas from other thinkers or countries and making something new out of it, whereas the Chinese back in Dynasty times had great inventions but failed to pursue the potentials due to cultural self restrictions. These are two extremely similar yet different countries, depending on the timeframe, context and content that we want to explore. They share things therefore sometimes there is no clear cut for whichever the topic maybe. I don't mean to go off the track, but you mentioned something interesting, I don't mind talking about this at all, especially when a native person talks about it from how he or she sees it, that's what this culture is all about. Through my undergraduate study that's where I learnt my Chinese, enough to grasp a general understanding, but I never got around to Japanese yet, I can still figure out the menu though......
  9. To be honest, I have never thought that as myth, but there are many posts doubting about this fact, that's why I made the post, on other forums such simple fact is not believed and many fans don't want to import because they believe japan only model will not work with any other version of ss, plus they further believe japanese ss can't be installed on non japanese os, which is also a false belief. These kind of doubts were even evident in atraclife past posts. Here you have got a NW-E020 owner who has brought the player in japan and tested on his laptop, if you can read japanese or chinese, u'd notice that on the NW-E020 interface it shows many chinese characters that don't appear in japanese, both in traditional and simplified forms and the user had no trouble viewing it, therefore it made a surprise to many other import fans who read and viewed his review and pics, cause NW-E020 showed more than what was expected for Chinese. on NW-A919 it's true that only Japanese Kanji characters are shown, cause it was a minor complaint from the Chinese import users. On NW-A280 it could be the same case with NW-A919, I couldn't test it myself, I have only the NWZ version. A note on the Kanji characters technically and historically these are just Chinese characters. These characters got to japan very much during Tang Dynasty, since japan had a frequent cultural contact with china during Tang dynasty, that was recorded as a period in history which to bring heavy influence to the literature, kanji development and poetry of japanese culture. These characters meaning though vary bewteen china and japan.
  10. A280 series does deliver impressive BT SQ, I have a pair of Sony DR-BT30QA, however I do notice that there is a sq difference when you pair Sony BT30QA to other devices beside of Walkman, background noise and hiss can happen at worst. I think it is all upto what kind of device that you use, for example samsung mobile and its mp3 players have very average or disappointing bt sq peformance. A280 series once i started to pair it up with DR-BT30QA, I am satified with its performance, it doesn't have any distortions. It's true wired earphones produce some of the best sq on the go, but this is a nice improvement for 2008 Walkman as it delivers such a clear and balanced bt sq, I am just happy enough with no bad surprises. I don't have a bt adaptor for NW-A800 series, so unfortunately I can't compare A800 and A280's bt sq, but so far A280 bt sq is better than other devices which i have heard such as SE W910, Nokia N82 in particular. I feel that bt sq varies from device to device and different bt phones can also have different sq, that's the finding so far, maybe I am just too excited about bt walkman.
  11. Bluetooth connection part bluetooth info sony VGP-BRM1 Searching option searching screen VGP-BRM1 found enter password connection made VGP-BRM1 appears in the connection choice
  12. Recently thanks to the review from a NW-E023F owner, he clarified upon the OS and SS myths for Japan only Walkman. Many people who wanted to import Walkman were afraid that Japan only Walkman may or would not run on any other version of SS, this is false, since Japan only Walkman runs nicely with at least the tested Asia version of SS (Chinese version), so therefore it will be safe to say that it should not have any other problem with any other English version of SS. Also Japanese version of SS can be installed and ran on any version of OS beside of japanese OS, for example you can install Japanese SS on English OS or Asia OS, it will run, that turned out to be the same case with Japanese PC video games which can be installed and played on any other OS. Also for NW-E023F, it displays full amount of Chinese (both simplified and traditional), it's a shock since it only displayed limited amount of Chinese back on NW-91X series, therefore it could hint maybe it displays other language alright too? uncertain on that but it will be good if other people can test on that user installed asia version of SS (chinese), instead of using the given Japanese SS displaying english displaying Chinese So japan only model can be used on any version of SS on any language OS, the only thing user needs to understand is the menu, which is the 3*3 layout that Walkman has used for a while now (different layout for E series), the display will be fine in Asian languages and English
  13. box stock phones and player content player usb functions laptop Display
  14. B series is actually intended for many regions except for Japan, it was a nice trial start for the concept of "drap and drop" Walkman last year. P series is the only player that is known, built and intended for China under the decision of father of Walkman last May. Nowdays when you talk about Sony China, Hongkong and Taiwan, you are actually just talking about Sony Japan in the end, since Sony Japan sends some of its finest people to there as the top boss making the decision. Sony Japan is focusing currently with Atrac NW-A800, NWZ-S610 and P players as the offer to China, well Hongkong and taiwan would be receiving the NWZ-820 series soon. I think by checking Amazon China, you will realize that Consumers there are after the look and prestige nowdays, their market changes very fast too, so Sony has to offer its better or flagship products for sure. who knows the future for NWZ E and B series, we have B series in Australia as well, it does suit entry level consumers' need if they are after something simple.
  15. If u are going to Japan, then NW-A800 series is very easy to find, they are still being sold in Japan. In general consumer electronic goods stores u will be able to pick it up. It is a well received Walkman from the local consumers. I always find it also easy to order from Amazon Japan, cause they deliver to where u are located in Japan, it saves time and I get to do other things in Japan instead of trying to locate a Walkman. They must have discontinued NW-A800 series in other regions but in Japan and China, cause Sony China is also having huge amount of the stocks as well. If u are not in Japan, then u can only import atrac walkman online, which is of course too easy to do.
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