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  1. wcahyono

    Samsung YP - U3

    Hello guys, I tried new samsung YP - U3 and it sounds great ! anybody has tried ? would like to know your opinions from you guys... Thanks
  2. Dear owner of E0XX series could you confirm if we can install this app : MP3FMv2_ENG to the player ? As it will allow us to drag and drop MP3 from computer to player directly without SS Thanks
  3. SO how is E016's bass ?? also for over all sound stage which one is better E016 or S706 ? Thanks
  4. wcahyono

    NWD-B100 announced

    does it have clear bass ? does it have hiss ? does it have a similar sound stage as S706 ? does it show album art ? can it show a clock ? I know it is the lowest grade flash mp3 player from sony. but i like the design and hope it is not far beyond s706 or nw hd 5. btw how good is the sound between S706 vs E016 vs NW HD 5 ? Many thanks
  5. wcahyono

    NWD-B100 announced

    Does anybody can give comment on its sound quality ? How it is compared to NW E015/016................ Thank you
  6. Hello, yes please share your detail comparison. Thank you in advance
  7. Hello, can anybody compared to any Samsung MP3 Players YP - U2 ?
  8. Hello.... Anybody have samsung YP-U2 ? Is there any good compared to SONY E015 or S 706 ? Thanks
  9. gr00vy0ne, thanks a lot for your great review. You mentioned high frequency in SE Walkman is worse than any Sony MP3 player. Did you test it with the supplied headphone or you use a good headphone such as shure / shennizer ? Thanks
  10. wcahyono

    NW-E015 UK Review

    Dear Doomlordis, How good clear bass is if you compare with usual mega bass ? Or if you compare overall sounds of NW HD 5 vs E015 ? I would appreciate if you can share your experience about this as you also have HD 5. Is E015 drag and drop capable ? This is important as if we plug E015 to any hi-fi which provide USB slot but if the MP3 file is under OMG. Believe the hi-fi won't be able to read/play it Thanks a lot
  11. wcahyono

    NW-E015 UK Review

    Dear Doomlordis, How good clear bass is if you compare with usual mega bass ? Or if you compare with EQ in NW HD 5 ? Is E015 drag and drop capable ? I also read B 100 will be out soon, does it also have clear bass & stereo ? Thanks
  12. A bit out of topic. How is Archos 504's sound quality compared to SONY ? Thanks
  13. This definitely is going to be my next SONY MP3 player : PMX-M70 !! Amazing. Only I need to know if soon someone own one, pls share your review about its sound & video quality. Also if someone knows if it has clear bass, etc........ REALLY GREAT NEWS !! Thanks gotthat for sharing the info.
  14. HI aob9, Thanks a lot for your guidance. So now I can waive thinking of any SE walkman phone. Also thanks for your comparison between HD NW 5 & SONY new MP3 players. Meantime, have you ever tried COWON D2 ? How is its sound quality ? Heard some reviews and obatined a good mark ! It also has a 2.5' screen which is capable watching DivX movie with 30 FPS. They have 2 models : 2G & 4G plus expandable with SD card up to 4 - 8 G (SDHC)
  15. Hi aob9 & carmelo, thanks for your info. It will be great if we only bring one phone which capable for multimedia purpose. So we won't need to bring such as many battery chargers while on travelling. Also believe we usually charge our phone everyday or max once within 2 days. So I think battery issue still tolerable for me. But if the sound quality is really far beyond lets say NW HD 5 (which I own) then now I will give up trying to buy any SE walkman phone. (When comparing the sound, do you guys using a good headphone such as shure, sehneizer etc ?) (Because, once we change to a good headphone, usually the players will shows their true sound quality) Note : Can any body advise me, how good NW HD 5 sound quality compared to NW S70*, NW A80* ? I still like my NW HD 5, but as I read both NW S70*, NW A80* are using new technology (clear bass) it is quite tempting for me to own one. Thanks a lot
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