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  1. otiasj


    Hello everyone, White_Moustache : Some people are working on a linux version, They mentionned amarok plugin being in the scope of this project but I am not sure what they are doing at the moment. You are welcome to give them a hand! I have asked one of the developper to contact you a give you an update, Iwo: Anytime an mp3's format is not recognised the tranfert is aborted and it goes to the next file, reasons might be : unrecognised mp3 format, bitrate, header etc... Your files are probably correct, the plugin is probably at fault. Thank you
  2. otiasj


    Hi, the apply button is on the bottom right corner when you select your device in winamp, I am not sure ml_sony works with v5.32, I never tested it. If you can't see the apply button once you have sent some music on your device, then you are probably not using ml_sony... You are probably using the winamp "portable device" plugin (which doesn't work with sony walkmans) There is a picture somewhere on this thread of the media library showing the apply button. you might want to try an older version of winamp just to check... (see the details in previous posts) regards
  3. otiasj


    Hello theFury : 0) close winamp! 1) format format means remove any file on the device that might be in the way... go to your device using windows explorer and delete every file and directory on the device still in the explorer 2) Create a new directory "OMGAUDIO" still in the explorer 3) Create a file named "04CNTINF.DAT" in this directory : just create an empty txt file and rename it (be carefull to correctly change the file extension from txt to DAT) 4) open winamp send one file to the device using ml_sony (not the winamp device plugin!) 5) apply! 6) unplug and check if you can listen to the file note : ml_sony does not support "real OMG files", sony dropped this format last year. so you probably don't have to worry about those if you did not buy any song on the connect store. ml_sony just put some OMG "headers" before the mp3 headers so that the device can understand the file format. (Connect player does the same when sending mp3 files) Regards
  4. otiasj


    Hello Thefury, if you have the latest firmware for your device, you don't have to update anything. my advice is to start from a clean device. (delete every file and directory) then the method to use ml_sony is described in the FAQ and in this forum. I have the same device as yours so it should work properly. regards,
  5. hello Obli ml_sony does not encode tracks to atrac. OMA files can be mp3 with sony file headers. I just replace mp3 headers with OMA headers.
  6. otiasj


    Hum I guess you are right Astatine, probably just a header conversion mistake I will see what I can do but lately I hardly have time to work on ml_sony
  7. FYI DJ X Stream solved his problem by updating his .Net framework, if you have some troubles with winamp not finding ml_sony you might want to try that! thx
  8. Hello! you are not doing anything bad, some people have indeed trouble with playlist and the latest version of ml_sony, I did not find the bug yet!
  9. otiasj


    Hello Everyone, DJ X StreAM : thank you for pointing this out, it did not occur to me but indeed it's possible that installing .net framework might solve this problem! Concerning the problems of crashes during transfer or at the end, it is probably a problem of tags. Also keep in mind that if you transfer a song with a un-supported bitrate it won't be converted! So that's probably why some song might no play correctly. Finally some people experience some playlist problem with the lastest version of ml_sony I did not find a fix yet. Thank you for your support!
  10. otiasj


    edit : sry double post
  11. otiasj


    Thanks Astatine, sorry I have been quite busy lately! I will take a look as soon as I can :-)
  12. Hello, sorry some people seem to have a problem with winamp finding the ml_sony plugin, I don't know why... Make sure you have a full version of winamp installed (with media library installed) You might want to try a previous version of ml_sony/winamp
  13. Hello, how did you copy your songs from your player to your pc? if you used ml_sony, what version? if you have a GYM or mp3fm directory on your player, try moving them, redownload a few songs and check if they work. let us know ++
  14. otiasj


    Sorry guys, I am very busy at this moment, Check the faq and this forum, all the answers are there thx
  15. otiasj


    hello, ml_sony doesn't use mp3fm, but it uses the keycode generated by mp3fm. Anyway ml_sony and mp3fm don't really mix well when using the same database, so that could be the problem...
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