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  1. Thanks for pm. By chance I recently found a Brit selling a LIP-4WM gumstick at a less-than-obscene price. My MZ NH1 is now much happier - and so am I.
  2. It seems the MZ-NH1 is lacking any input other than the wretched cradle and dedicated charger. I have looked time and time again and failed to find any other power input hole. I have only a DC IN 6V in the back of the cradle. which I have to use with one of these:
  3. Hello sfbp, it's not the actual ATRAC files themselves I am more interested in trying a modern player. These days you can plug music players into the PC and transfer hundreds of flacs across. My dedicated LiP-4WM battery for Sony MZ-NH1 is dead and I cannot find a replacement.
  4. My minidiscs are feeling a bit tired and worn and I thought I might try an alternative new music player. Have you experience of players such as: Sony NW-A25HN High Resolution Audio Walkman with Noise Cancelling https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B013YIX9K2/ref=psdc_573372_t3_B013YIX9DY Or FiiO X3 (2nd Gen) Lossless Portable Digital Audio Player & DAC https://www.amazon.co.uk/FiiO-X3-Lossless-Portable-Titanium/dp/B00VR5JHVK/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1466363062&sr=8-5&keywords=Sony+NWZ-A15 OR Sony NW-A27HNB High Resolution 64 GB Audio Walkman with Noise Cancelling https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sony-NW-A27HNB-Resolution-Walkman-Cancelling/dp/B013YIX9DY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1466363062&sr=8-1&keywords=Sony+NWZ-A15 thanks,
  5. Hooray!! Thanks for this. Just got around to using SS43 on my Win10x64 system. HiMDs work well, but the NetMD driver failed cos of missing hash error message. Followed the above instructions and it now all works. Wonderful stuff. See also: Google: how to turn off driver signature enforcement on windows 10. thanks sfbp,
  6. I'm across the border in Surrey, I have plenty of used and loved by me MD74s. Does any one care to swap 10 X MD 74min for one Sony HiMD ?
  7. I would love to get my hands on a LIP-4WM gumstick.
  8. btw I just got myself a MZ-NH700. So far so good. I shall use it when travelling to play some of the many HiMD discs I have made over the years. Any tips?
  9. Thanks KJ_Palmer, I shall keep a look out for one. Of course what would be good is if I could get hold of some batteries. Either the LIP-4WM batteries for my MZ NH1. Or the NH-14WM(A) for my MZ NH900. What does the MZ-NH700 use? I have dozens and dozens of minidiscs in fact it prolly runs into a hundred or so. It seems a shame to give up on minidiscs. Having said that perhaps I should move into modern technology. I fancy the new FiiO X3 II / X3K Second Generation. PS. I see you are in London, same as me, in the leafy suburbs of sarf west London.
  10. I had a mishap when travelling and lost a bag containing my headphones and minidisc batteries. I still have a MZ NH1 and a MZ NH900. Plus I have so many minidiscs. I am thinking of buying a new minidisc player to play the many minidiscs. What should I look for... thanks,
  11. Do we have up to date knowledge about our Jim. I have emailed him, having dealt with him before, but still have received no answer.
  12. Hello sfbp, I don't usually use the remote - but I managed to find one - and it works with the remote. Hooray! so thanks for that. As to the cleaning contacts and Power Adjust sequence I am sorry but I do not know about that. Where can I find some guidance so I can understand what to do please...
  13. Yeah, but it doesn't No. It doesn't hang. It simply continues to play. Nothing I press will stop the play and no button will shut it down.
  14. Blimey what an idea to come up with!! You must have brains you never used yet, ha ha. Umm, I have to dig out the manual to find out how to select: 'play 1-track' mode'. Thanks slugbahr
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