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  1. LG1_

    WM-Port to USB Host

    I noticed there is a folder called DCIM so is it possible to connect a camera or something through some kind of addon and move the photos across. I would get the 16GB one for my dad and then he could copy photos across, he currently has a gigabeat but its terrible and want to give him a reason to move to sony.
  2. LG1_

    Which LCD remote...

    I used the RM-MC32EL, which i had from my previous MD, it worked really well it didnt display song titles or anything, but shuffle and repeat and all that stuff worked great. I have an S618 now and use a BT remote which works well, but doesnt have the same functionality that this old remotes had, and i miss it. Oh well, enjoy your new remote
  3. MP3FM wont wipe anything, if there is allready mp3s on it, it should work fine and not wipe anything on it. But if the device is formatted you need to use SonicStage and get the files back and then it will work. So basiclly just use MP3FM on your HD5 should work fine
  4. It only works with SonicStage, MP3FM or Vaio Music Transfer
  5. The Pulse mentions the A829 but doesn't list it so i didnt mention it, still very expensive $280 for 4GB and BT earphones
  6. Prices are crazy in Aus even though we are 90c to the US dollar the prices are still way off. The price for the A729 is going to be nearing $400 for the 16GB with no mention of the A829 16GB or the S718
  7. Sorry to tell you its not working ERROR INITIALIZING Index out of Range
  8. LG1_

    NW-A808 and Sonicstage

    Here is the link, its just drag & drop http://www.atraclife.com/downloads/details.php?file=3 Maybe its changed since i had my HD5, do you have songs allready on your player then hopefully this program should work. I dont use my HD5 anymore so i cant really be of help
  9. LG1_

    NW-A808 and Sonicstage

    I guess just try Vaio Music Transfer, you need it to have the OMG folder for it to work, if nothing is on the drive it wont work, you can also try VoidMP3FM but i am not sure if that will work. Sorry to say but you might be stuck with SS, you could wait for the A729 and get that
  10. LG1_

    NW-A808 and Sonicstage

    Yeh use MP3 File Manager, just open and drag n drop or use Vaio Music Transfer
  11. I would think so, i have the dock and its just a USB connector and you connect the WM-Port cable and it should charge
  12. Shhh, don't forget about Sony Media Manager. Wait that is still crap, so maybe not, but it does do playlists with album art so its worth a try
  13. It could well be that one, ATRACLife has been dead for a long time, this new player seems good but i am still happy with my one, nothing really new or exiciting except for BT which i have on a dongle
  14. I wanted to be the one to post it but guess you cant have everything. This player sounds sweet. I am happy with my s618 with bluetooth dongle works great and i dont see anything this will offer besides 16gb. They release new players too frequently. I still wouldn't have waited as i have got lots of enjoyment out of it so far, and bluetooth moto earphones with 3.5mm jack work great.
  15. If you are intrested i have a review of it in the reviews section, it works fine with a dock adapter that came with the player
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