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  1. MD's ARE waterproof, although I don't think they were actually designed with that in mind. I remember seeing back in around 1998 someone even boiled one in a pot and then tried playing it and it worked fine. Try that with an Ipod! Ha!
  2. Wow! I bought one of these decks used here in Hong Kong about a year ago. I don't have any specs for it; bought it from a used audio components shop. I can vouch for the performance of these, they sound great and I am very happy with it. Strictly an SP deck though.
  3. Got mine yesterday. I'm very happy
  4. There's always "another" supplier out there, I don't care, I'm in, I just want my B10. I was willing to pay easily double this price and I still lost out several times on Ebay. There was one for sale last week at $200 USD buy it now but I gawked at the price. I think you've mentioned that the "other" supplier is also a bulk purchase arrangement so you'd have to go through the same process again, getting together enough people, etc...and I agree, there's no harm in providing my Paypal address, I'm not giving my password and judging by the volume of spam and phishing email I already get it seems like there's very few people who DON'T already have my Paypal address. Anyway, I'm in, hope we get to 10 people and we can just get this thing ordered.
  5. Done! Check your email. I'm in.
  6. I have PayPal, no worries. If Theblueraja is active on this board he can vouch for me. I won't rip anyone off. I am confirmed, I want one...take that as a definate "yes". Even if I don't post much here, I will take one.
  7. Hey! I WANT ONE!!! As I just bought a house, anything over 70 euros is out of my budget right now. But if it's under that amount, then yeah, I'll take one. I don't post much on this forum, but I've been here from the beginning, do feel free to contact me! Been looking for one of these B10's for about 2 years now.
  8. Hey, THANKS for giving me model numbers of other new MD equipment I'll look into them in due course and get them added to the Equipment Browser. It's hard for me to find them and I rely on what I read here and elsewhere to get the info. since MD has basically totally disappeared where I live.
  9. MikeRofone

    New for 2008:

    We add reference to Panasonic’s SC-PM670, a format-crazy MDLP-capable bookshelf system. Besides Minidisc and CD, the system also supports music on SD cards, Panasonic’s D-Snap MP3 players and even cassettes. Sadly, 100v only and Japanese-band tuner, with no Hi-MD support.
  10. According to a blog by Jason Stamper on Computer Business Review, Minidisc (spelled “Mini disk” in the writeup) as number 14 in the top 20 “Britain’s most useless gadgets” Interesting, when the site that supposedly commissioned the survey that led to the list is checked (revoo.com), not much more than a “this place for rent” is visible.
  11. The minidisc.org equipment browser has been updated with a reference to the Tascam MD-CD1, Tascam's pricey professional rack-mountable MD-CD deck.
  12. LOL...what's more important? Hi-MD or teeth?
  13. It seems a shame that these decks are never added to the Equipment Browser
  14. LOL...It's Me & Hello Kitty, to the End... Actually to me the letter "i" means "idiot", so that's why it can be placed in front of so many products; i.e. the idiot version of everything... As for "Pod", the word itself makes me think of some kind of plant appendage, like for peas or beans or something...
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