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  1. So, nobody can confirm if Sony has officially discontinued this model?
  2. Well, because if they stop making them, eventually they won't be available anymore, so I have to act quickly to buy one if I want a new one.
  3. Is Sony discontinuing the MZ-RH1? I went to look for it on SonyStyle to buy one online and can't find it on their website any more.
  4. Leland

    FS: RH1

    How bad is the scratch? I would offer $225. Let me know what you think. I forgot to mention, email me at leemca@adelphia.net so I can pick it up on my BB. I don't check the MD site much any more.
  5. I have on R-900 I would be willing to sell. I also have an N-10. Email me at leemca@adelphia.net with your interest and price suggestions.
  6. I bought a RH910 about 9 months ago with the thought of copying SP and MDLP discs to HiMD to upload, but never did more than a few since it is so time consuming. Maybe I will sell the 910 to get this or perhaps buy this, rip all my old MD's, then sell the RH1 quickly while I can get a decent price. Hmmm. I wonder if the upload of SP preserves track titles?
  7. Nice. Between the replaceable Li battery and the USB charging without a cradle and 30 hours of battery life at 128kbps encoding, this unit closes the book on battery life. Outstanding. Search by track will be interesting. The speed and acceleration for lists will have to be improved from the HD-1 I have to make this useful when searching a list of 5000 items. If it works well, it will be nice. The size is interesting as it is only marginally different from the HD-1/2/3: about 1 mm thicker. Slightly more weight at 135g vs. 110 for the HD-1. Too bad they didn't announce a larger HDD. I would like minimum 30 Gigs as my HD1 is full. That should be coming soon. Excellent.
  8. Well, I just got back from BIC camera in Shibuya where I was able to handle the new units in my very own hands. Some of this might be known already, but just in case, I'll just say what I saw. Unfortunately, neither BIC nor Sakura-ya had the RH10 powered up, so I couldn't tell what the display looked like. The unit is almost entirely plastic, but pretty good looking plastic. The build quality seems good. There is a standard Mini USB port on the unit (yeah) and a 3V input. When the USB port is open, the 3V input is closed by a sliding cover that goes between the two, so the USB must power it just fine. The analog input also has optical digital, which I wasn't sure about before. The unit seemed light enough, but not ultralight. It also seemed fairly thick, much thicker than the top end NH1 model. The cradle seems to be only for charging based on the type of input it has and when in the cradle, the USB port seems to be inaccessable which seems weird. The orange one looks VERY orange. The black one and the blue one looked the best to me. The portable player only unit is also thicker than last years model. Nice looking. Overall, the addition of MP3, some nice industrial design, but with the plastic housings etc. obviously designed for a lower price point. The NH1 is still being positioned at a higher price, selling for about 5000 yen more than the RH10. The DH-10 is metal and the body has a curvature to it that is pretty cool. I took a picture and it took a long time to save it to disc. I suspect the reason for the low megapixel count might be due to long write times making the system not well suited to large file sizes as with a 5 megapixel ccd unless they were to build a big memory buffer in. Afterwards, I could not figure out how to display my picture on the unit, even after changing the menus to english, but I was a little rushed for time. That's about all I noticed. I'll try to answer any questions and sorry I couldn't view the display on the RH-10.
  9. Leland

    How About Psp?

    I got one about a month ago. Gran Tourismo is pretty cool, but a somewhat repetitive. I'm waiting to get more games when its released in the US so I can read the menus etc. Also, there need to be some better games. The screen is incredible for a handheld game machine. Only problem with buying in Japan that I didn't think about is that even though the games are region free, the movies most likely will not be and the system I got is region 2, not region 1, which would serve me better long term. On the other hand, I really don't see watching movies on it. When I travel I have my laptop for that. When I'm at home I have my 60 inch HDTV
  10. Thanks atrain, but in this case, I was not using CDDB or a CD. I was importing an mp3 file of an entire album that I found somewhere. Any idea why the software would have a thumbnail of the album. If I call up the album art, it doesn't show any pictures either, as it does when I drag them over from Amazon (I use the same method you mention.)
  11. Another thing I have noticed, when I import some MP3 files, it seems to come up with album art. Does it go find this or would it be embedded in the MP3 file somehow?
  12. Thanks, bug80. I just tried this at home and you are absolutely right. I plugged in my N10 and the choices changed. Phew! Now, with the PSP and the memory stick pro duo. Interesting. With my 256 meg memory stick pro duo, SS recognized the device but complained about the memory stick not being compatible. No go as reported by lamewing. However, when I used the 32 meg Memory stick duo that came with the PSP, it worked! What is stranger, it would only transfer the file after converting it to ATRAC. Both Atrac and atrac plus worked. However, it would not transfer it as MP3 (the file I was using is an mp3 I imported but did not convert just for this test.) even though the PSP is quite capable of playing MP3's just by dragging them into the PSP/MUSIC folder. So, perhaps the PRO duo is the problem, since the stick that worked is a non-PRO stick. Weird. Fact is, for a proprietary format, the whole memory stick history is a joke with lack of compatibility etc and now at least 3 or 4 different varieties.
  13. Installed fast and fine on my laptop which only has a small database. Interfaced with my Clie and tranferred. I have a 256 meg MS Pro Duo that says "MagicGate" right on it, I will test it tonight at home with my PSP and report back. Now, BIG potential problem: In the bit rate selection list for transferring, there does not appear to be a "Stereo" selection which used to mean standard MD (pre MDLP) for compatibility with non LP enabled devices (such as the head unit in my car). I will try again tonight when I have a MD recorder hooked up, but if this is true, it is a deal breaker for me at the moment since I could no longer create MD's for the car. I can see not supporting this with the new HiMD recorders perhaps, (well, not really) but why they would take it out of SonicStage beats me. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Otherwise, performance seems much snappier.
  14. Hobgoblin, The point of carrying lots of MD's or having an entire music collection on a HDD player is because music is mood driven and mood is unpredictable. Sometimes I want to bang my head, sometimes I want to sooth it, sometimes I want to educate it. I never know what might strike me as fun to listen to over the course of a 3 to 5 day trip. With my NW-HD1, I pick it up and go and I'm done, loaded with 20 gigs of my legitimate (95% anyway) collection. I love it. When I used MD all the time, I would carry 40 discs sometimes and still not always have what I wanted.
  15. My kids still use tapes by preference for audio books. It is the best way to be able to stop a story and start up again at the same point, especially when you might remove a tape, play another one, put the other back in, etc. The physical linear format does that logical job better than any other format. That said, last Sunday I spent 20 minutes repairing a tape that had been mangled by it's tape deck. I certainly don't miss that.
  16. The claim is March 10 in Japan. It is already on the BIC camera website, also showing a March 10 availability date and a 10% point discount at launch. http://www.biccamera.com/bicbic/app/w?SCRE...010074674,34800 It seems that battery life is not really much better. The 33 hours claimed in the release material is only with both the gumstick and the external AA. This configuration gives good life, but it has never been my preferred mode of use as it adds bulk.
  17. So markets for these units should include Japan. What is interesting is the release date of March 10, which is in about a week, including SS 3.0. That means this stuff is fully baked and just filling distribution channels. Also, the RH10 is being released in 4 colors, silver, black, blue and orange in Japan. So I'll get to see these in person on March 13 with any luck!
  18. I didn't do a comparison as I'm not really in the market. The new Ipod 60 gig photo was about 50,000 yen, so about 50 USD more than the US price. There was a huge display of may different HDD players. Special display for the Creative Zen micro. The Sony HD3 was in the mid to high 30,000 range.
  19. At BIC camera today in Shibuya (Tokyo, Japan), they were dumping inventory of Sony NW-HD1's and NW-HD2's for 22,000 yen. Not a bad deal, 20 gig, 30 hr HDD player for about 200 US.
  20. I didn't completely sit the first round out. I bought a 600 but returned it to get my NW-HD1. I use that now rather than MD, although I still use MD in the car as I have an in-dash MD player. Still, I lack the excellent recording capability made possible with Hi-MD, especially now with the WAV converter. I expect I will get a RH10 primarily for recording, but not as a portable music player. Of course, there was that comment from Kurisu about Moderators getting a gift
  21. I just got a PSP yesterday here in Tokyo at BIC camera. It's an amazing little gadget, considering all the stuff it has in it, big color LCD, Mem Stick Reader, optical disc reader, WiFi, USB 2.0. Very cool device. Just needs more software.
  22. Leland

    Hearing Lost

    Headphones are indeed a major source of hearing damage. One of the biggest problems is that irreversable damage can occur but not be detectable for years. It has a tendancy to show up later in life, even if the damage was done in one's youth. The problem is, it's fun to "crank it up" so it is hard to avoid. Sony very responsibly publishes a warning about headphone use that ships with many of its headphone based products. I respect them for that. The following site gives lots of detail about the subject. http://www.hearnet.com/at_risk/risk_at_risk.shtml This is another good article http://www.headwize.com/articles/hearing_art.htm And http://www.headphone.com/layout.php?topicID=4&subTopicID=131 My advice: be careful. Don't assume you are OK. I have some tinnitus (I'm in my 40's) and have to ignore it. It is pretty irritating if you think about it.
  23. Leland

    Got HDTV?

    I wasn't really trying to one-up anybody just share the joy of new toys. I got lucky when I bought it at Frys. They had a special price in the computer, but not on the display floor. When the clerk went to ring it up, I saved $800 without having to ask. Now if only there was more HD content. When it's on and well done, it is incredible at any screen size, as kurisu says.
  24. Yes, doc, I will upgrade it, just because I can. I suppose if it is somehow complicated and difficult to do so, like sending it to a service center or something, I will have to think twice. I do have MP3 content now from various sources but really don't mind converting it to ATRAC really. The biggest limitation of being mostly ATRAC is that my opportunities for switching suppliers is nil. I tried an HD3 at the store the other day and the menus did change much faster than the HD1. I am wondering if that could be a) newer firmware and an update might improve my HD1 or the fact that my HD1 is loaded to the gills with tunes (19Gigs full) while the display model HD3 had few. I would like to know if the little USB adapter/charger would work on the HD1. That would be convenient for travelling rather than taking the cradle, although the cradle is not so big to toss in my suitcase.
  25. Leland

    Got HDTV?

    Cool, Kurisu. I got this one for Xmas for the family: http://www.sonystyle.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP....ction_55to70TVs Has the HD tuner built in and is digital cable capable. I just plugged my cable in, no cable box, and got all the analog, digital and HDTV signals that were not scrambled. HDTV is excellent. The rose parade was incredible with the high resolution. Running games from my playstation to the 60 inch screen in wide screen mode is also very cool.
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